Baby Shower!!!

NOT MINE! Geesh, you scared me! My lovely friend, Cara, is pregnant! Cara, Kelly, and I became very good friends in our Hypnobabies class. Hey, you get close when you talk about giving birth for hours on end! Our due dates were all around the same time, so we bonded instantly. Cara’s baby girl was born last September. Kelly and I had our boys a day apart last November! So, needless to say, we’ve shared a lot of laughs, cries, and poopy diapers.

Since we didn’t know each other until later on in our pregnancies, we never got to share a baby shower together! So, I decided to throw one for Cara. I invited some of her friends over to my house. Her mom was in town too, which worked out perfectly! Actually, because of that, Kelly and I invited our moms too! It helped with baby care, that’s for sure! It was such a fun night filled with food, laughs, more poopy diapers, and even a few tears (babies, not us).

Cara is having a boy and is planning on doing a nautical theme for the nursery. I stayed true to the theme with my decorations! I made a Sail Baby Sail sign and framed it for the table.

Since it was the afternoon, I wanted a light menu. I made a variety of tea sandwiches:
* BLT Bites
* Opened Face Caprese Sandwiches
* Herbed Cream Cheese & Cucumber Bites
* Veggies & Dip (courtesy of Cara’s mom)
* Fig Tart (courtesy of my mom)
* Lemon Curd Cake (courtesy of my mom)

For the drinks, I did mason jars with name tags in blue tied around each glass. I also found the cutest blue and white striped paper straws to go with the nautical theme. I kept the drinks simple too:

* Citrus & Cucumber Water (2 oranges, 1 lime, 1 cucumber sliced)
* Passion Fruit Iced Tea (Tazo)
* Peach Iced Tea (Charleston Tea Plantation)
* Mint, Lemons, Simple Syrup to garnish


Finally, I made a banner because everything I saw was so cheesy. It was super easy:

1. Print block letters for Sawyer’s name.
2. Trace circles to go behind the letters (make sure circle is big enough for EVERY letter) on thick tan paper and cut them out.
3. Use Mod Podge to paint glue on circle. Stick letter on and paint Mod Podge over whole circle (on top of newspaper). Let dry.
4. Trace triangles onto scrapbook paper that will go behind each circle. Paint Mod Podge on the triangle, stick circle on it and paint Mod Podge over entire triangle. Let dry.
5. Punch holes on either end of the triangles.
6. Weave yarn through holes and hang!


I made sailboat sugar cookies (recipe from Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook) decorated with icing for the favors. I actually made the dough last week and kept it wrapped in saran in the fridge. I baked and decorated them on Friday and put them in their bags on Saturday.

It was such a low key afternoon. The babies got to have their first play date in a long time! It’s amazing how much they’ve grown! It’s awesome to see all the different stages they’re at each time we get together.

And we just HAD to get a picture of the three of us and one with our moms!

It was such a fun shower. I enjoyed every second with great friends and family! Can’t wait to meet Baby Sawyer!

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  1. What a super idea, the shower looked like such a success. The tables looked fabulous and the food looked delicious. Thanks for sharing. Loved the photos, it just made the day complete. You did a super job. There you go being amazing. Love you.

  2. Everything was so perfect! Thank you for having us. And my mom wants to know what type of bread you used for the herbed cream cheese & cucumber bites and what type of bacon was on the BLT’s. haha It was all so yummy!

    1. I used pumpernickel for the herbed cream cheese bites. I mixed cream cheese, chives, scallions, and parsley for the cream cheese. The bacon was Whole Foods turkey bacon. I had so much fun with you ladies!!

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