9 Month Must Haves


ABC Mat-I never thought I’d be that mom with brightly colored toys all over my house, and I probably won’t be. But this is just a necessity! As soon as Turner started crawling, I needed a safe place for him and his toys. So we have this out in the living room. Our rug is a bit rough on the knees, so it’s the perfect cushioned play area! Now that he’s a little older, he likes to pull the letters off and chew them. It keeps him very occupied!

Battery Operated Fan– Poor little guy is a sweaty mess! No wonder I was so hot when I was pregnant! He’s practically an oven! Whenever he rides in his car seat, we pull him out, and his backside is drenched with sweat! I got this cheap fan to help circulate the air in his seat. I have it on the mirror hanging from the headrest. It helps with the heat, and it also gives him something to stare and laugh at!

c Chalkboard Basket– I have this in the living room next to the fireplace. I keep all of Turner’s toys in there. It makes for easy clean up and hides the whole bright toy thing I was talking about earlier!

OXO Sippy Cup– We’re working on having him drinking out of a sippy cup. I fill it with an ounce of water just so we don’t make a mess. So far, he has sucked on it a few times. But, for the most part, he rolls it around on his tray and throws it on the floor. I think it will take a little practice! But at least he’s getting used to having it around at meal time!

Bath Toys– As you know, he absolutely loves bath time! We picked up a sack of toys from Babies R Us for him to play with. He has a rubber ducky, football, soccer ball, and some bath books. He throws them and chews on them. It makes bath time even more exciting!

OXO Drying Rack– I picked this up from my friend’s store Eat Sleep Play. Now that Turner is eating, I needed a second drying rack! Upstairs, in the bathroom, I have my Boon Grass Drying Rack which is for his bottles at night. Downstairs I have the OXO rack which is mostly for his spoons, bowls, and a few bottles here and there. It is so useful to have a rack upstairs and downstairs! That way I always have what I need wherever I am!


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  1. As we said before you are amazing. We don’t have to worry about our precious great grandson. You do such a terrific job taking care of him and keeping him happy and amused. Stew is such a terrific Dad also. Turner is such a fortunate little boy. Love you guys!

  2. I have no doubt that Turner is becoming a fine little boy. All that you & Stew do for him is evident in the posts you make.
    We miss him…and you & Stew.

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