7 & 8 Month Favorites


1 Munchkin Food Feeder Holy moly, I love this thing! Turner loves it more. Currently, his favorites in the mesh feeder are watermelon and frozen peaches. He chews on them and sucks the juice out until they disintegrate! It’s so funny to watch.

2 Sun Protection Hat My mom got this for Turner in the orange color. It is so stinkin’ cute! It’s nice and thin, so his head doesn’t sweat like when he wears his other hats!

3 Float Activity Center with Canopy We have an awesome pool in our neighborhood. I ordered this puppy for him a few months ago, and he loves it! He likes to chew on the little toys that came with it. Sometimes, he’ll lean back on the head rest and just relax. I wonder if it comes in my size??

4 Huggies Little Swimmers As most of you know, we do cloth diapers. These are perfect for when we go to the pool, because I don’t want to ruin his diapers with the chlorine or have him sit in a 20 lb water logged diaper all day. So, little swimmers it is!

5 L*Space Rio De Janeiro Halter Top Wait…how did that get in there!? Oops…that one is definitely for Momma. Ok, I’m completely obsessed with this bathing suit. And come on, how often does one buy a new bathing suit!? I’ll tell you what, for this momma, it’s not often! Can’t a girl indulge once in a while?

6 Infantino Shopping Cart Cover I love this shopping cart cover. Shopping is so much easier now that I can pop Turner right into the shopping cart! This cover is super thin, so I can fold it up and put it in our diaper bag. I love the material! It also comes with a buckle that I can loop through the back of the shopping cart (since most of the buckles on shopping carts are broken). I even use it in high chairs at restaurants and as a play mat. It’s so perfect!

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  1. Wish we had all this when I was raising little ones.you guys have the best of both worlds. Enjoy it,it’s great!

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