40 Days and 40 Nights

It has been raining since the day Gracie was born! I feel like I’m in Seattle! Charleston is not supposed to be like this! Hurricane Joaquin (who names these things?!) has really put a damper on our days!

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just Gracie, because she just lays around all day.

But Turner is a stir crazy toddler! Yesterday, Stew and I put our heads together to come up with activities that we tag teamed all day. It was a looooooong day stuck inside, but we survived!

We started off making pumpkin spice pancakes. Turner loves to help me bake, so I knew we needed to have some baking on our rainy Saturday!

After breakfast, Stew took over and they played trains and blocks, which killed a few hours!

Once Turner started losing patience and whining, I swooped in and we played in the sink and then made some corn muffins.

Our day went on like that until his nap and then his long awaited bed time! We woke up to more rain this morning. I was seriously about to lose my cool, but the rain stopped around 10 this morning! And, while it was super wet, Turner and Stew were able to throw on their rain gear and play in the street. Turner absolutely loved this, and it got a bit of energy out!

10 days is seriously too many days of rain. Let’s hope that this clears up and we get some sunshine soon! Stay safe out there!


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