37 Weeks-FULL TERM!!!

How far along? 37 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 
26 pounds gained.
Maternity clothes?
 I’m so thankful it’s getting cooler! My standard uniform is leggings and boots with a maternity top thrown in the mix.
I am still sleeping like a champ. My bathroom breaks have increased to about 5 times a night. But I don’t even think I wake up to walk to the bathroom. Somehow I end up there and back in bed sound asleep. Apparently my hypnosis works well every night! 
Best moment this week: 
Getting my home office set up! I’ve been getting into my routine working at home. I’m obsessed with my office. I’ll have to get some pictures of it soon. 
Miss Anything?
Laying on my side without getting a foot to the rib, wearing my favorite jeans, and sweaty yoga!! 
He’s so crazy. He doesn’t make drastic movements, but he’s constantly moving his feet and butt! I feel EVERYTHING! He’s really stuffed in there. 
Food cravings: 
The usual fall foods. I HATE coffee these days, but I’ll substitute that with warm apple cider. I also have been SO thirsty! I’ve been drinking water with lemon constantly. I’m a big fan of citrus right now too. I just got some clementines and grapefruit that are delicious! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Have you started to show yet: 
Don’t be silly!
Labor Signs:
I have  a lot of Braxton Hicks. My midwife told me last week to take it easy until I hit 37 weeks. Once I hit that I can go nuts…BAM…hit it! Now I can go back to my walks every night with Stew and Dexter! She also told me to wait on my herbal supplements until 37 weeks. But now I can start taking my primrose oil and red raspberry leaf capsules. It’s go time!!
Belly Button in or out? 
Wedding rings on or off? 
Happy or Moody most of the time: 
So so happy!
Looking forward to:
 Turner’s arrival and the holidays! The two combined will make this the best holiday season ever!

4 Replies to “37 Weeks-FULL TERM!!!”

  1. You look like you are all ready to go. Can’t expand too much more, but I guess you will.
    Take Care, Love You, Nanny & Pops

  2. Full Term….YEAH!!! Bring on the apple cider, baby!!! Yes, I do agree with you, with the little guy arriving and the holidays right around the corner, it will be the best holiday season ever!!!! We are truly blessed!! You look amazing, by the way. Love you.

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