30 Weeks Baby Bump

How far along? 30 Weeks. Can’t believe it’s almost here!
Total weight gain/loss: about 27 pounds gained.
Maternity clothes? Yea. I also got some larger tops at Old Navy (like the one in this pic) because they fit over the bump perfectly!
Best moment this week: I went to see my midwife for my 30 week check up. My iron is up so it’s safe for me to deliver at the birth center. Yay! They’re pretty sure Baby Girl is head down, but they’ll check for sure in a few weeks. AND I made all of my appointments from now until D-Day. I just love going there and talking about the whole process and delivery.
Miss Anything? Waking up and drinking a giant hot mug of coffee, having an appetite, and fitting into my favorite clothes. I’m also getting geared up for Fall and all of my favorite pumpkin spice things. I know it’s a while off, but I get antsy towards the end of July.
How are you sleeping? For the most part I’m sleeping well. I still wake up once a night to go to the bathroom. Last night I slept like a rock. But the other night I had anxiety (nothing in particular, just a hard time relaxing) and was being kicked hard, so I didn’t fall asleep until about 1. Then Turner woke up at 5:50, so I was exhausted to say the least.
Movement: This girl…. She’s a mover for sure.
Food cravings: Still loving fruit, cereal, and cheddar cheese. I just picked up a box of pumpkin spice waffles to satisfy my fall fetish.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I learned the hard way that I am still nauseous if I stop Diclegis. I skipped a day by accident and it took about 3 days to even back out and feel decent again. I could totally be the spokes person for the stuff…move over Kim Kardashian.
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks.
Belly Button in or out? The outer edges are starting to unfold. It looks out through my clothes but it’s hanging on by a thread.
Wedding rings on or off? On during the day, off at night.
Happy or Moody most of the time: So happy
What are you excited for? Having Baby Girl and seeing how this story unfolds! I told my midwife that I think she’s a ten pounder. Can’t wait to see if that’s true. I go back and look at Turner’s birth story and our old pictures, and I’m so excited to do it again. Turner really seems to be coming around to the idea too! I think he’ll be an amazing big brother.

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