22 Weeks

How far along? 22 Weeks.
Total weight gain/loss: 17 pounds gained.
Maternity clothes? Mixing and matching. My regular dresses and drawstring shorts are key.
Best moment this week: Turner walking into the nursery and said “baby sister’s woom”. It was so cute! It gave me hope that the transition won’t be as hard as I’m imagining.
Miss Anything? energy, coffee, solid work outs
How are you sleeping? wonderfully.
Movement: Oh yea! She’s constantly moving around in there.
Food cravings: Sharp cheddar cheese and triscuits, cherries, watermelon
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still have queasy days. I’m still on Diglegis until I don’t feel any queasiness.
Have you started to show yet: for sure
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? In but shallow.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Definitely happy.
What are you excited for? My next dr’s visit and decorating the nursery.

Happy Memorial Day

I always love Memorial Day. Yes, it symbolizes the kick off to summer, but it also means so much to me. I am so thankful for the many men and women who have fought for our freedom and who continue to fight. They are the epitome of love and selflessness. And it’s because of them that we are able to have babies and create memories with our families!

This weekend has been wonderful. It was full of work, fun, and food. The busy season of our rental business has officially started. It’s a lot of work, but it’s amazing at the same time! We also spent lots of quality time as a family, which is always a treat.

Today, we threw a last minute BBQ with a few friends and my mom and step-dad. On the menu was grilled pizza, antipasto, and some fun drinks (non-alcoholic for the preggers). The grilled pizzas are really simple. I get store bought dough from a pizzeria, cut each ball into quarters and roll them out. I place them on sheet pans that are sprinkled with cornmeal. Stew brushes them with olive oil and grills them on either side so they’re ready when our guests get here to decorate and pop on the grill for a few minutes to melt the toppings.

Turner was super excited, not only about the food, but because his best friend, Duncan, was coming over.

These two are so funny. They’re a year apart and they are inseparable! I’ve never seen anything like it, especially at their age. They constantly ask for each other when we’re not together. They really act like brothers. It’s so cute. It works out, because Duncan’s mommy and I are just as inseparable.

We had such a fun weekend. Just one more special memory of many we created as a family of three before we welcome our little girl in the fall!

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend too! Happy start of summer :o)

21 Weeks

How far along? 21 Weeks.
Total weight gain/loss: 16 pounds gained.
Maternity clothes? Here and there. The picture above is just a regular cotton dress I have.
Best moment this week: Now that Turner has a regular bed, it’s easy to snuggle. So it’s been amazing lying in bed with him and singing together. I’ve really been soaking up our time.
Miss Anything? Having energy.
How are you sleeping? Solid.
Movement: Definitely
Food cravings: Sharp cheddar cheese and triscuits, cherries, watermelon
Anything making you queasy or sick: I’ve been feeling pretty good! Maybe I’ve turned a corner. I’ll try to cut down to 1 diclegis pill again next week and see how it goes.
Have you started to show yet: oh yea.
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? In but shallow.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Definitely happy.
What are you excited for? Decorating the nursery and finishing Turner’s big-boy room. It’s sort of been in limbo since I got pregnant. Now I’m feeling well enough to put some finishing touches on it.

Pool Days

Last night, I was lying in bed and suddenly started to panic. It hit me that, pretty soon, there will be another being in our house and it won’t just be me and Turner during the day! He and I have gotten such a great schedule down. We have our daily routine while Stew is at work. Plus, he’s at the age that I can have full on conversations with him, and he’s so easy! He’s my little buddy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely excited, but the reality of major change is setting in! I want to get all of my one-on-one Turner time in while I still can. I’ve been wondering how I will muster up the strength to soak up all the fun things summer has to offer as I get bigger, more tired, and hotter (literally). For Turner’s sake, I try to get out of the house and do something fun once a day, which is usually before nap time. After his nap, I get supper ready and like to hang home.

I’ve finally gotten enough energy to take him to the pool right around the corner. It turned out to be so much easier than I thought! There is a baby pool there that he can play in without me needing to be in there holding him. So we bring some toys and he plays in the pool while I sit on the edge with my feet in the water.

Sometimes he wants to take a dip in the big pool. So we’ll do that, have a snack break, and play catch. But for the most part it’s quite relaxing actually. My sweet little baby boy is getting so big! It’s hard to believe that he’ll be a big brother. He’s so sweet and loving, it’s going to be amazing to watch!

20 Weeks

How far along? 20 Weeks. Halfway there!
Total weight gain/loss: 15 pounds gained.
Maternity clothes? Oh yea. I’m wearing a mix of dresses, maternity clothes, and my workout clothes
Best moment this week: Seeing and hearing Baby Girl at our 20 weeks ultrasound. She weighs 12 oz and is measuring right where she needs to be!
Miss Anything? Getting through a day without feeling like I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.
How are you sleeping? Sleeping great!
Movement: She moves so much. Sometimes she’ll give me a solid kick and make me jump.
Food cravings: Cheese, spicy things, watermelon, strawberries, and water with cucumber and mint.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have good and bad days. I tried going down to 1 Diclegis pill at night. After 3 nights of that my nausea was getting stronger. So I went back up to 2. After a day or two I was back to feeling decent. I’ve changed my mentality so I’m not constantly waiting for when I feel better, but just accepting that this is what’s happening now.
Have you started to show yet: definitely
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? In but shallow.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m feeling really happy lately!
What are you excited for? I really can’t wait to meet this baby! But I’ve got quite a while. So, in the meantime, I’m excited to soak up every day as a family of 3.

Happy Mother’s Day!

If it’s possible, Mother’s Day gets better and better each year! This year seemed extra special since I’m pregnant too! Our weekend was busy but wonderful.

Saturday was jam packed! We have our favorite masseuse that we’ve been seeing (less and less these days) for years. Stew set up a massage for me Saturday morning, which was exactly what I needed. After that, I headed into Charleston for my girlfriend’s “Sip and See”, which I thought was the cutest idea ever! She just had her second child, so it was a nice casual lunch. After a few hours of relaxing and eating amazing food, the husbands dropped off the kids and they had a little fun of their own. I see an arranged marriage in our future…

Sunday morning, I sang at church and then we had our usual lunch and nap at home. Turner slept for 3 hours, which was a record. It’s almost as if he knew it was a celebration for Mommas. Stew got some work done, while I rested on the couch. My lack of energy is record breaking. It was the perfect mid-day break before continuing the festivities at my mom’s that afternoon!

When Turner finally woke up, we packed up shop and drove to Gigi’s. Turner’s been waiting to go to Gigi’s for weeks now. He asks me every day, so he was extra excited! I always love going to my mom’s house. She has everything decorated so beautifully and the food is nothing short of amazing. We had an early dinner and hung out outside so Turner could run around. Watching him makes me even more exhausted.

Trying to get a family picture was like pulling teeth. We would attempt to pick him up and he’d scream DOOOWWWWWN! Remember the good old days when they’d do whatever we wanted them to!? He’s becoming so independent. Luckily, my willpower is stronger than his, so I told him if he didn’t take a picture with us, we’d go inside. And he knows by now that Mommy don’t mess around.

I never appreciated how much work it takes to be a mom until I actually became one. It makes me that much more thankful for my mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommas out there!

19 Weeks

How far along? 19 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 13 pounds gained.
Maternity clothes? Definitely. After trying (unsuccessfully) to fit into my regular gym clothes, my girlfriends were like, “Emily would you just buy maternity clothes!?” So, alas, Stew and I had a little shopping date yesterday afternoon. I got the pants in this picture from A Pea in the Pod, along with some other goodies, and they will be a daily staple!
Best moment this week: I ordered an adorable pouf ottoman on Etsy for Baby Girl’s room. It came in the mail this week and I was so excited! Made my vision for her room come to life.
Miss Anything? Energy and loving coffee! I can’t wait for a hot creamy mug. I also don’t like ice cream. What is wrong with me!?
How are you sleeping? Wonderfully. Sleep is definitely not an issue for me!
Movement: Oh yea!
Food cravings: Cheese, spicy things, watermelon, strawberries, and water with cucumber and mint.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still have an underlying queasiness. Food helps and repulses me all at the same time. But I’m managing to keep a pretty good diet except for the extra queasy days where I just live off cereal and teddy grahams.
Have you started to show yet: oh yea!
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Definitely a happy week!
What are you excited for? Celebrating Mother’s Day with my family tomorrow and my 20 weeks ultrasound on Tuesday.

Beach Day

It’s hard to believe that we live 5 minutes from the beach and this weekend was the first time we’ve gone this year! We’ve been so busy with work that we haven’t all been together for a weekend yet! Sunday was the perfect day to go. It was nice and sunny and not too hot yet. So we took advantage!

After sunscreening up, Stew was on Turner duty while I relaxed for a bit.

I swear, pregnancy is the most exhausting thing ever. It feels as though I took some heavy duty sedative. Mix that with heat and nausea and it’s not a pretty picture. I’m so lucky that Stew is understanding of that and lets me take it easy on the weekends!

Turner ran up and down the beach constantly while Stew chased him. I attempted to follow a few times so I didn’t look like a deadbeat mom, but it was borderline impossible. So I held down the fort on our beach blanket! Luckily Turner came by to play with his beach toys and steal a kiss every now and then.

Every year Turner gets more fun. I’m excited for this summer! It should be interesting trying to keep up with him as I grow! I just want to soak up every second as a threesome before Baby Girl arrives!

18 Weeks

How far along? 18 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 12 pounds gained.
Maternity clothes? Well I’m mixing and matching. I never really bought a lot of “maternity clothes” with Turner. So I’m mixing it up with my yoga clothes, elastic shorts, and dresses.
Best moment this week: Feeling Baby Girl kick!!!! She has been non stop ever since I realized I felt her last week! I was up with Turner in the middle of the night doing his nebulizer treatment, and when I got back in bed, I felt her little kicks. It was almost like she was like, “hey I’m here too guys!”.
Miss Anything? I want to feel good! I still have an underlying queasy feeling, even on the meds.
How are you sleeping? Well I would be sleeping great if Turner wasn’t having coughing attacks every night. I’ve had to do his nebulizer treatment every night this week! Needless to say, I’m exhausted.
Movement: Definitely!
Food cravings: I love cheddar cheese and triscuits. Savory foods are my friend.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I don’t like coffee or sweets, both of which I’m normally addicted to!
Have you started to show yet: Definitely!
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I wouldn’t quite call it moody, but I’m easily aggravated. It could be the extreme pregnancy exhaustion mixed with taking care of a coughing toddler in the middle of the night!
What are you excited for? Feeling better and getting my energy back! Hey, I can be hopeful!