My First Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day was nothing short of amazing. The day started with Stew bringing Turner and a hot cup of coffee to me in bed (two of my favorite things, besides Stew that is). Turner is so much fun early in the morning.IMG_1438
We sat in bed for a while and played. Turner practiced his tummy time and sitting up. He lasts for a few seconds and then falls over. It’s so cute!

Then, while Turner napped, Stew and I went downstairs. He had the most beautiful flowers and a card sitting on the kitchen table! I read the card while Stew made me some homemade juice.IMG_0882
This was his recipe
Mother’s Day Juice
2 handfuls lettuce
1/4 sweet potato, peeled
1 beet
1/4 pineapple
1/2 granny smith apple
Then, we got together for brunch with the family. After that, we headed to the annual picnic hosted by Charleston Birth Place (where I had Turner).
We even remembered a family pic!photo2
It was an amazing celebration of motherhood! It makes all the sleepless nights and dirty diapers almost worth it!

Tapas & Sangria Supper

We have a group of four couples that get together once a month for Supper Club. We have been getting together for almost two years, come hell or high water! Each month, we meet at the “host couple’s” house. They pick the theme and the entree. The other couples are responsible for drinks, a side dish, and dessert.

This month was at our house. Our theme was Tapas & Sangria. This was our post-cinco-de-mayo festival. John & Kirsten, who sadly couldn’t come due to a sick bambino, dropped off  drinks (Sangria & Mexican Beer), Missy and Jody brought dessert (Guava & Cream Cheese Empanadas) and Annie and Jeremy brought the side dish (Mini Salads in Parmesan Cups) Stew and I thought Tapas would be easy, but they turned out to be A LOT of work. It was definitely worth it! Lots of pictures coming up…

IMG_1432 2

Green Go Getter & New Juicer!

FYI My FeastUrEyes blog has been out of commission (if you haven’t noticed). I made the switch to this blog to simplify my life. So, if you were subscribed to FeastUrEyes, I lost you! So subscribe to this one :o

I finally got a new Breville Juicer last weekend! I know, it’s a bit pricey. But Stew and I DON’T spend money! We plan our meals and go grocery shopping ONCE a week, we rarely go out to eat, and we don’t even have cable! Actually, Comcast gave us a free modem to watch local channels, but that’s not the point. Anyway, I digress. The reason I’m telling you this, is because I would rather buy less and buy quality (case in point my juicer and Vitamix) than spend money willy nilly!

So, this brings me back to my juicer. I’ve had the same old juicer for at least 8 years. It was one of those $25 juicers from Target. Which was FINE, at the time. I have become an avid everyday juicer, and that poor little guy was not up to the challenge. It had the smallest feed tube, so I had to chop all my fruits and veggies so tiny! It also leaked EVERYWHERE as I would juice. So, I finally made the switch to my big girl juicer. It yields much more juice, and it is quick and easy to clean up. I guess the juicing gods have learned a thing or two about making juicers over the past decade! So, as promised, here is another YUMMY juice for you to try. I hope you enjoy it!
Green Go Getter Juice
Makes 1 serving

2 cups spinach
3 kale leaves
1 banana, peeled
1 yellow beet
1/2 large grapefruit, peeled
1 orange, peeled

Run all ingredients through the juice in that order.

Rain Rain Go Away

The weather has been terrible lately! I don’t even remember what the sun looks like! That is rare in SC! The only good thing about it is that we were forced to just relax this weekend! Stew, Turner, and I spent Saturday afternoon sitting in a coffee shop, which was so fun! The rest of our time was spent at home playing, cleaning, and doing laundry (a few of my favorite things).

Speaking of playing, Turner has just turned into a big boy right before our eyes! We keep thinking he’s this little baby who can’t do anything! It’s hard to believe that he’s sitting up in his Boppy Pillow and is actually capable of playing with “6mo+” toys!! Here are some shots of him.t



Next weekend, we’re hosting our supper club (Tapas & Sangria theme), so we ventured out to Hobby Lobby and Michaels on Sunday. While we were there, I found blank onesies and iron-on letters! This reminded me that I’ve been wanting to make a onesie for Turner! So we picked up the goodies, and I made this when I got home!t3
Turner obviously loved it because he loves his veggies! A boy after his momma’s heart :o)

Overall, it was a pretty uneventful weekend. We still had fun though! Rain can’t hold us back!

Bedroom Wall Makeover

Last weekend was the Weekend of Projects. Our walls were in desperate need of a facelift! I’ve been on pinterest, looking for art ideas. It just gets so expensive to buy frames to cover the wall! So, I decided to paint stripes on one wall as an accent. Our walls are Pink Chocolate, which I love. So, I wanted to go with a light pink for the stripes. Valspar has this new line of colors at Lowes. I saw the Apricot Ice, and knew it was the one! So, over the weekend, Stew and I taped the wall. I wanted 6 inch horizontal stripes, starting at the ceiling. I measured 6 inches from the ceiling, made a pencil mark on each end, and taped below the marks. Then, for the stripe under that, I measured 6 inches from the TOP of the tape (where the pencil marks were), made pencil marks, and taped ABOVE the marks. I did this down the whole wall. That way, I knew to paint every other section going down the wall. We used a 4 foot level too. It ended up not being that helpful because our walls weren’t level, go figure! Taping took the most time. Once that was finished, I did two quick coats of paint and slowly took the tape off. It made a HUGE difference!

painter’s tape
drop cloth
paint tray
brush (for edging)
paint roller
Apricot Ice paint


Heart Throb Juice and Organic vs. Non

I promised I would put up a weekly juice recipe, but my FeastUrEyes blog has been out of commission (if you haven’t noticed). I made the switch to this blog to simplify my life. So, side note, if you were subscribed to FeastUrEyes, I lost you! So subscribe to this one :o)

A quick note about organic fruits and veggies– I’ve been asked several times about buying organic fruits and veggies. You should really try to buy organic as much as you can, especially when you’re juicing. But, the basic rule is, the thinner the skin, the more easily chemicals can penetrate (for instance, celery and bell peppers). The same goes for root veggies like potatoes and carrots. These get a double dose of chemicals, because they receive what is sprayed above them and what soaks into the ground. So DEFINITELY buy organic root veggies. A local farm share is always a great idea because you know where your produce is coming from and that the farmer takes great care of it.

Back to the juice. I actually picked up a juice similar to this one from a juice bar by my house. I was out of produce and I needed my juice!!! So, I caved and bought it. I liked it, but wanted to make some changes. So, I picked up the ingredients plus a few more to make it extra delicious! Hope you enjoy!IMG_0549

Hearth Throb
Serves 1

1/2 cup spinach
1 inch piece ginger, peeled
1/4 beet (about 1/4 cup)
2 carrots
1/4 red pepper
1 apple
2 celery stalks

Run all ingredients through the juicer in this order.