What a Week!

So, as I wrote last week, Turner had a stomach bug on Saturday. Luckily it only lasted one day! Before you get too excited, it was too good to be true. Sunday morning he woke up with the nasty post nasal thing. If that wasn’t bad enough, I got it too! So we had a very quiet week lounging around the house.

Between the two of us, we probable slept 5 hours the whole week. He coughed all night, and I couldn’t sleep either because, every time I’d doze off, I felt like I was suffocating and woke up! So instead of snuggling in bed each morning and doing our daily routine, we lounged on the couch and watched TV all day, which we never do.

It was a blur of resting, doing our (yes OUR) nebulizer treatments, eating, and resting some more. Luckily it was so cold out that we didn’t miss venturing out.

We both went to the dr early in the week. I got an antibiotic, which helped immediately, and Turner got a steroid for his cough to reduce inflammation. It seemed to work. His cough is getting better and the congestion has cleared up, thank goodness. Nothing a new hipster haircut and a bunch of tulips can’t fix!

Let’s hope we’re on the mend! Is it Spring yet??

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