Toddlers are amazing. We went from an amazing beach trip one day, to a snot-filled-102-degree-fever the next! Turner has had his share of colds, but they always just seem to go away with my home remedies! The beautiful thing about Turner is that he is SUCH a happy kid. He eats like a champ and sleeps like a rock. So, when he gets sick, I don’t worry too much, because he’s still a happy camper!

That being said, Turner has had this cough, on and off, for about a month. He’s been on the nebulizer but no medicine so far. Our pediatrician kept saying it would work itself out (one of the reasons I really like him)! He got a fever last Thursday and it spiked at 101.8 by Friday. I buckled and gave him some tylenol. That helped!

Then the snots came. Snot like he’s never had before. I had to break out the chisel to get through it! Poor little guy. I just kept flushing his nose with salt water and doing the Snotsucker. Yesterday he was MUCH better! His fever was almost gone, the cough was sounding okay, but he was still super snotty. He was well enough that we were able to play at the park for a bit to enjoy the warm sunshine!

He did a little walking, swinging, and wood-chip tossing (his personal favorite).

We had a great weekend, even though Turner was under the weather. It was full of snuggles, spinach packed smoothies (little did Turner know) and Disney movies!

I told myself if he was still snotty this morning, I’d take him to the ped. And, low and behold, he was caked when he woke up! So, we headed to the doc. Turned out he had an ear infection!!! Poor little baby! If only he could have told me! We started him on his first antibiotic (tear) and called it a day. Hopefully this will kick that nasty bug right in the butt! Sleep tight, friends!

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