We Did It!

And just like that, we successfully completed Whole 30! I feel like the month flew by! I quite enjoyed the challenge. It made me stop and think before mindlessly shoving food in my mouth.

Some things we will take with us:
*Our new obsession with homemade cashew creamer (recipe HERE).
*Lower sugar intake– for instance, when sugar can be avoided, we will do so! That means reading labels. Things like almond milk, peanut butter, & salad dressing with sugar as an ingredient get a big HECK NO!
*Ice cream will be a luxury and not a nightly occurrence.
*I’ll have healthy snacks & desserts ready to eat so we’re not inclined to eat sugary snacks & desserts.
*I like carbs and grains. They don’t have an adverse affect on me, so I will keep them in my diet (whole wheat, whole grains, brown rice, etc)
*I love a good glass of wine at night, so unless I’m pregnant or nursing, I will indulge.
*Planning for the week is necessary. Here is a shot of our fridge set up for a week of deliciousness! I will continue the meal prep over the weekend so our weeknights are easy, especially with school starting in a few weeks!

And now, our final week of meals (here are weeks ONE, TWO, and THREE)! It was a great month of recipes. We will keep a lot of these meals for dinner ideas because we really enjoyed them!

Saturday: Meat Sauce on zucchini noodles (meat sauce left over from this recipe because it made a ton)
Sunday: Egg Roll in a Bowl (Thanks Rachele!) This was a great one! We left out the mayo and it was just as tasty.

Monday: Pork Carnitas
Tuesday: Crock Pot Chicken Chile

Wednesday:Fajita Sweet Potatoes
Thursday: Stir Fry (yes this is the third time because it’s seriously delicious and super easy! Thanks, Kait)
Friday: Egg Frittata Tart (tart recipe below. I just followed the recipe and pre-baked the tarts earlier in the day. Then when we were ready for dinner, I whisked 4 eggs, salt & pepper. Filled the tarts. Topped with prosciutto and tomatoes and baked for about 8 minutes at 350*F until the eggs were firm.

[yumprint-recipe id=’27’]

A friend of mine asked me what our next challenge would be. She mentioned something called “Fright Camp” where you sign up for 12 hours of “pure hell”. You’re dropped in an abandoned camp and chased through the woods by zombies… I think I’ll stick with something less petrifying ;o)


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