Turner’s First Haircut

I was always afraid of going for Turner’s first haircut. I had visions of mass hysteria and scissors flying. But, the real danger was ME trying to cut his hair. I have attempted a little trimming before his bath, but he never sat still enough to get a good cut. I love the shaggy look, but once his hair got past his eyeballs, it was time to call in the professionals!

So, we found the greatest place, right near us, called Kidz Kutz! Ms. Yolanda was so friendly and patient! She put spongebob on the TV (which he’s never watched) and we popped Turner in his little race car seat. He was super excited at first!

Then, I took a few steps away, and the waterworks started. Ms. Yolanda put his little poncho on and started cutting. I had to feed him veggie straws non-stop to keep his sobs at bay. He was ok as long as I was feeding him (story of my life). He even started to get pretty into it towards the end. He was watching her every move in the mirror.

All in all, it was a success! Ms. Yolanda even put the first clipping of his hair into a little plastic baggy! Now, if only I knew where I put it…

Turner is growing into such a big boy right before our eyes! We keep hitting these huge milestones! And every one of them is exciting!

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