Turner’s 3rd Birthday!

Although I love throwing a good theme party, I can’t believe this one is to celebrate Turner’s 3rd birthday! I love watching him grow and seeing his hilarious personality unfold, but time is seriously flying! Can we just slow it down for a minute??

This is the first year Turner really picked the theme on his own. Well, actually I picked it, but he has been obsessed with Disney’s Cars movie for a year, so I knew he’d be pumped. Whereas in previous years, we just picked cute boy themes.

I actually found some great things on Amazon. I ordered the paper plates and party blowers. And I found a banner and food labels on Etsy. The hardest part was coming up with the menu. But nothing a little Pinterest perusing didn’t fix!

This is what I came up with for the menu:

  • Race-car Subs (used cucumber and tomatoes as “tires”)
  • Firetruck PB&J (used a firetruck cookie cutter)
  • Nuts ‘n Bolts (mixed corn chex, pretzel sticks, and cheez-its)
  • Spare Tires (used mini chocolate covered donuts)
  • Stop Lights (regular rice krispies treats with m&ms glued on with icing)
  • Antifreeze (lemonade and seltzer)
  • The cake was courtesy of my mom. She’s insanely talented!

Turner had a great time with all of his little buddies. We had quite a turnout and the weather was perfect! It was bright and sunny and a bit on the cooler side. So we sent all the kids out back to get all of their energy out! They had a blast. But I’m pretty sure Turner’s favorite part was the cake with this amazing sparkler candle I found (note to self, don’t try to blow it out)!

We had so much fun celebrating Turner’s special day with all of our friends and family! His actual birthday is this Tuesday, so we’ll have a quiet celebration at home. And by quiet, I mean he will run around like a crazy person singing constantly, because that’s just what he does! Happy birthday my sweet little man! I’m honored to be your momma!



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