Tree Trimming Party

Every year, my mom and stepdad host a tree trimming party. I look forward to it every year. It really gets us in the Christmas mood! They get a beautiful tree, make some delicious food, and invite the family over to decorate the tree. I must admit, it’s a genius idea!

My mom had the house decorated beautifully and ready for our arrival. I decorated the chalkboard when I got there by compiling a few of my favorite pinterest chalkboard designs!

Once everyone arrived, we chowed down. It’s so funny to watch Turner. He is just one of the gang, eating and chatting it up!

And then, there was the decorating! Turner hung out with “the men” while the ladies trimmed the tree.

We had so much fun! We are even MORE excited for Christmas (if that’s possible). I know Turner is still young, but Stew and I are loving every second of this holiday season with him! So much more Christmas fun to come!

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