The New House

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Guess what! We bought a house!!! We didn’t get the first foreclosure we were looking at HERE. But we found one that was in even worse condition, if you can believe it! It’s a total dump. But the bones and the yard are a dream! My mind (and pinterest board) is exploding with ideas. I hesitate to even share photos because you’re totally going to judge me. Just trust me when I say, this is a GOOD move! The house is on an acre, which is impossible to find in our town, AND has a pool (which currently is acting as an alligator pond). But just think, pool — outdoor kitchen — barn. Just, trust me! Ok, so here are the photos I snapped today….

Dump with a capital D, RIGHT?! I’m so excited. Only thing is, we need to sell our house because our offer on this home is contingent upon the sale of our current home! We like to live on the edge. Wish us luck on this journey! Can’t WAIT to share updates with you all!

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