The Little Gingerbread House That Could(n’t)


We are in full on Christmas mode over here. Actually, we have been for a few weeks now. I feel like once December hits, the month flies by, so we like to start celebrating as early as possible! We decorated our tree, hung the stockings and did a little hot chocolate bar on our coffee nook (my personal favorite)!

At one of my recent visits to the grocery store, they had the gingerbread house kits on sale. I just had to get one! I grew up making them every year with my brother. But this would be the first year we built one as a family! I knew Turner would be so excited.

Excited he was! Little did I know, it would turn into a hot mess. I assembled the house while swatting his hands from the candy. And since I built the house with him sitting there, we obviously had to decorate it at that moment, because what 3 year old wants to sit around and let a gingerbread house dry?? It turned out beautiful….for about 30 seconds.

Turner kept trying to fix the pieces that fell over. He was only upset for a few minutes. That is, until he realized his time would be better spent eating all of the candy that was rolling off the roof.

I learned some things along the way 1.) Build the house and let it dry before putting candy on 2.) Put candy in bowls instead of my slanted table where they continually rolled off. And 3.) Choose a  time when Gracie’s not in need of being fed so she doesn’t cry the entire time.

Hope your gingerbread houses turned out better than ours!

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