The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

We have been BUSY. We’re working a ton, packing up boxes for storage, and getting things organized to move into our rental house and start our major renovation project! So if you missed the news, we sold our house, bought a foreclosure (aka The Dump) and will be renting while we renovate, and eventually, move in! HERE is the story.

We don’t close until April, so between now and then, we’ve been making our plans. We’ve measured, met with contractors, planned, and budgeted. The kids thoroughly enjoy going to “the new house” to play in the giant yard! Watching them makes me feel so good about this decision!

We’ve got A LOT of work ahead of us. Take a look at these before photos!

There’s not a surface of this place that won’t be touched, demoed, or painted. Now to share my vision, here is some inspiration!

We’re so excited for things to come! Can’t wait to share the journey with you. Happy Monday!



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