After our two day journey, we arrived in New Jersey on Wednesday afternoon! First, we stopped at my dad’s house so Turner could spend a little time getting to know his Pop-Pop. That was so awesome to see! Turner even got his first music lesson!

We ate supper at my dad’s and then headed around the corner to Stew’s parents’ house to get settled in for the weekend. They were so excited to see us! Turner ran around and played for a little while before we put him to bed.

The next day was Thanksgiving! We started the day with Stew’s family where we had our first meal of the day. Turner got to meet his cousins, great aunt, and great grandma! He was loving all of the people and toys!

Stew’s parents even got Turner a cake to celebrate his birthday!

That afternoon, we picked up my dad and hit my aunt’s house for our second celebration! I haven’t seen my cousins in a few years. They, and all of their kids, were there. It was SO awesome to be together again, and the kids got along so well!

Friday, I got to see one of my best friends and her little boys! It was the perfect play date! She and I were pregnant at the same time, so it was exciting for our boys to get to play together.

And, last but not least, my 10 year high school reunion was Friday night. I planned it with 3 other friends. So, Friday afternoon was spent finalizing party plans. It was a hit! It was unbelievable spending the night with my friends from high school!

We packed quite a bit into only two full days. Turner was a champ. He just went with the flow. We originally were going to start our drive home late Saturday morning and stop halfway, like we did on the way up. But we decided to leave early in the morning and see how long Turner lasted. He made it the entire 12 hours without a single complaint!

We got in around 7:45 at night and put him right to bed. It was such a packed weekend, it felt good to be home! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

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