Potty Training Part 2

Remember a few months ago when I tackled potty training?  Well, after Turner and I both got sick with sinus infections, and then my morning sickness hit like a ton of bricks, training didn’t last very long at all. I took a 2 1/2 month hiatus and told myself I’d try again when I was feeling better. I had no idea my morning sickness would last this long (and would still be lingering by the way). The thought of doing anything, let alone following a toddler around asking him if he has to go pee pee, was daunting to say the least.

Thursday night, as I perused Pinterest, I saw one of those “train your toddler in 3 days” jobs. So, I read it and it motivated me to try again. I committed to staying in with Turner Friday, Saturday and Sunday to give it a go…

Day 1: I put Turner’s little potty in front of the TV so he could sit on it and watch his morning Peter Rabbit episode. Then, it was time for breakfast. He will not sit in his high chair bare bottomed, so I told him I was going to put on his (insert gasp) “BIG BOY UNDERWEAR!” He seemed excited at first, and then screamed when he realized I wasn’t putting a diaper on him and was in fact putting “big boy underwear” on instead. He yelled, “DEEDEE DIAPER”. Now, WHY he wants to wear a dirty diaper is beyond me. So, I wrestled him to the floor and got his underwear on him. Then, miraculously, he was ok. He spent the morning playing, and I carried my laptop to wherever he ended up, so I could keep an eye on his diaperless behind.

The first time he peed, he went a little in his underwear and looked at me with a worried face and said, “DO PEE PEE!”. I quickly grabbed him and sat him on his potty. And he actually peed A LOT! I made a huge deal and gave him one raisinette.

Later that day he actually went to the potty and peed all by himself. I didn’t even have to warn him. Then Stew came home and was in the living room with him while I was upstairs. I came down to Turner sitting on his potty, grunting, saying “BIG BOOP”. Well, I’ll let you interpret that one. But he did it all by himself!! So we all cheered for Turner, and I gave him a special treat for The Big #2.

Before bath-time, he said “Do Pee Pee” so I grabbed his potty and he peed again before his bath. Amazing! He must have definitely been ready this go around.

Day 2: We still put Turner in a diaper during the night. So, when he woke up Saturday morning, I took off his diaper and sat him on the potty to watch Peter Rabbit. This day was a bit less stressful. He seemed to know the deal. So, we picked a few house projects to keep us busy and just kept his potty in whichever room we worked on.

Turner went on his potty all by himself in the morning. He won’t pee on command, so when I tried to get him to pee before his nap, he wouldn’t. This meant a wet bed after nap-time. It didn’t bother me so much since he was so good all day. That afternoon his best friend, Duncan, came over. I was nervous he would be embarrassed in front of him, but he ran around naked like a champ. He even ran to his potty and peed while they were playing. It was so awesome!

Day 3: This morning, I had to be out early to sing at church. So, I packed Turner a change of clothes and told Stew to tell the Sunday School teacher that he was potty training. Turner had a little accident while they were outside playing. But then we came home for lunch and he went and sat on his potty and peed! He stood up and screamed “TREAT!” He was so proud of himself. Luckily that happened to be right before his nap so he didn’t pee in his bed this time. After nap-time, Stew stayed home with Turner while I ran to the grocery store. I got home and Turner peed again before dinner all on his own. It’s amazing how he just picked up on it!

Moving Forward: So, I think all of those articles that tell you that you can potty train your kid in three days are sort of true. First of all the child has to be ready. But more importantly, the parents have to be ready and 100% committed! After three days of intensive training, Turner definitely knows that he needs to go to the bathroom on a toilet and not in his pants. But he waits until the second he needs to go potty rather than planning ahead like you or I do.  And I’m definitely not staying in the house for the rest of my life to ensure that there are no accidents. Now, my plan is to go about our day as usual, but bring his potty with us. No more diapers, except for night time. I’ll bring a change of underwear and clothes when we go out, and I’ll just keep asking him if he needs to go to the bathroom. Like I said, he knows when he has to go, but he won’t necessarily initiate it.

So, all in all, it was a very successful weekend! Potty training and house projects all at once! It was so much easier this time around. What a difference a few months makes! Wish me luck tomorrow on my first day out and about with a “potty trained” toddler!


Potty Training Part One

I titled this “Part One” because I plan to update you when I have a potty trained toddler, which I don’t see having any time in the immediate future. I mentioned the other day that we starting potty training. By that I mean, we took out the Lil’ Loo Potty and have been letting Turner sit on it while we’re home. I’ve read these “Potty Train Your Toddler in 3 Days” types of blogs, which has just made me feel like a complete failure. So, I stopped reading them 😮 It is definitely not happening that way. Sure, if I wanted to confine the two of us to a small space and never leave my house, it might have worked. But I need to get out for everyone’s sake!

I started the process Saturday, so it’s almost been a week. This is what our days have looked like…

Every morning, I get Turner out of his crib, and he drinks his sippy cup of milk in our bed while I drink my coffee. Right after that, I take off his pants and diaper and he sits on the potty. The trick to getting him to sit there for extended periods of time is to let him watch “BeeYooos” (a.k.a videos) on my phone or play a game on my Ipad, which he’s only allowed to do while he sits on the potty. So, after about 10 minutes, if he doesn’t do anything, we move on to his room. I bring his potty in there, so it’s close, and he plays with his toys. Every so often I say “Turner, do you have to go pee pee?” and he says “no”.

After about an hour playing upstairs, we head downstairs for breakfast. I lay a diaper on his high chair and sit him on that in case he has an accident. After breakfast, I put his diaper on and get him dressed so we can head to the gym.

Once we get home, I take his pants and diaper off again. He sits on the potty or plays while I get his lunch ready. Sometimes, he’ll eat his lunch or snacks on the potty. I figure, the more he’s on the potty, the more of a chance there is that he’ll actually go to the bathroom!

Then, I put his diaper on for nap time. After nap, the diaper comes off again. We really haven’t been going out in the afternoons, so we’ve had a lot of time to work on it. He basically is pants-less until he goes to bed, which has been nothing short of amazing.

He’s peed on the potty a few times and he gets a reward. Sometimes he asks to sit on the potty. But I’m not getting worked up about it. Usually, I’m hard core with schedules and such. But I’m gonna let this play out. I’ll put in effort, but I’m not going to drive myself crazy over it. I mean, eventually he’ll catch on!