Apples, Apples, and More Apples!

I received an email last week from our farm share letting us know that Farmer Pete was on his way back from Hendersonville, NC with a truckload of honey crisp apples! I nearly jumped with joy! I immediately ordered a half bushel so we could pick it up with our delivery last Thursday! Since then, we’ve been eating apples like it’s going out of style!
Now that the weather is finally cooling down, I am ready for some apple butter!!! In an effort to take the sugar out of our diets, I made a healthier, homemade version, of apple butter using our honey crisp apples!! I started by scrubbing all of the apples and cutting them into quarters. I removed the cores and stems. Then, I put them into the bowl of my slow cooker and threw in the rest of my ingredients!
As the hours go by, the apples just melted and caramelized. I stirred the apples every few hours to keep them from burning on the bottom.

After 20 hours on low, I ladled the apples into my Vitamix and blended it up. I spooned it into a mason jar with a lid and popped it into the fridge, after tasting it of course! It was DELICIOUS! Rich, thick, and appley!
I adore everything fall. As an added bonus, this recipe made the house smell so good! It’s perfect for slathering on our spelt toast, mixing into oatmeal and smoothies, or even eating it by the spoonful! Happy eating!

Healthy Apple Butter

10 honey crisp apples
1/2 cup Coconut Sugar
1 cup organic apple cider
1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
pinch ground clove

Wash all of the apples. Cut apples into quarters, and remove the stem and core. Place apples into the bowl of your slow cooker. Add in the rest of the ingredients. Give it a stir. Turn the slow cooker on low for 20 hours, stirring every few hours. Use a ladle to place the apples into a blender (or use an Immersion Blender). Blend until smooth. Store in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer for up to one month.

Happy 4th of July!

I think 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Actually, I love all holidays, but the 4th is up there! Any excuse to have a BBQ and color coordinate, I’M IN! I think it stems from growing up on the beach and having BBQs and seeing fireworks every year! It’s just such a festive holiday!

Stew and I have been working so much that we didn’t even know what to do with ourselves today! We put Turner down for his morning nap and tried to think of something extravagant to do. Nothing. So, we made breakfast! That always helps us think. We cut up some fresh fruit and baked these AMAZING croissants from Trader Joes. I mean…amazing (they’re in the freezer section in case you have a hankering).
Every 4th of July, our neighborhood has a bike parade in the morning. Everyone dresses up in their most festive clothes and decorates their bikes (and strollers) and walks through the neighborhood! We love to sit on the porch and watch everyone go by. We brought our breakfast out and watched the parade. The kids looked so cute racing by!
Then, Turner was up. We all went out on the porch to enjoy the gorgeous weather, FINALLY!
We thought about going to the beach but didn’t want to fight the traffic and vacationers. So, we went to our beloved pool with our friends Cara, Drew, and Baby Lola. We had a blast, until the babies pooped out!
We won’t be going out to enjoy fireworks tonight since it’s passed Turner’s bedtime. But, luckily, we can catch a few from our porch! It will be a quiet night with my honey and a cold corona. Times have certainly changed, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Father’s Day

Yesterday was Stew’s first Father’s Day! Mother’s Day was so special to me, so I wanted to make sure Stew felt the same way. He is such an amazing daddy, he deserves the biggest celebration! I remember, when I was pregnant, Stew was nervous that he wouldn’t know what to do! He said, “I can’t even keep all the names straight…the bumbo, the boppy, the binky” I’m sure everyone has felt that way! But, the second Stew held Turner, it was like he was born to be a father. IMG_0042
So, this day is all about Stew! He’s the one who works a long, hard, messy day, and still comes home and makes a beeline to Turner. He’s the one that will be covered in concrete dust, but will still do bath time with Turner before he showers! He’s the one that lets us both rest on his chest even with a separated rib! He’s the most selfless and loving person I have ever met! And we are so grateful he’s “ours”. Thanks for taking such good care of us, Babe!

We started the day by making a delicious breakfast! We get these frozen croissants from Trader Joe’s that are to die for. I took them out of the freezer and let them rise overnight. They bake up so light and fluffy, it feels like we’re sitting in a little cafe on the streets of France (not that I’ve ever been to France, but I imagine that’s what it would be like).

Stew opened his presents from me and Turner…

We ordered him shirts from Etsy. Like Father Like Son. These shirts actually aren’t on this girl’s Etsy shop anymore, but she has some seriously funny shirts. It makes me want to get into the shirt printing business!image
We also gave him a framed poem, which he loved! I saw this on Pinterest a while ago and saved it. I thought it would be a great Father’s Day gift! I cry every time I read it. I used a blue ink pad and dipped Turner’s feet in it and pressed them on printer paper (one foot at a time). Then, I let it dry. Meanwhile, I typed up the poem, put the footprint paper in the printer (face down) and printed out the poem. I put it in a black frame and will hang it on our wall. So cute!
Later on in the day, we had our friends over for a little pool action and a BBQ. These are our “baby” friends. We all met in our hypnobabies class and had our babies around the same time. The girls have play dates with the babies, but the men rarely get to play! So, we decided to have them all over to celebrate new dadhood. They’re all amazing daddies! We had so much fun celebrating yesterday! Happy first Father’s Day Stew!!

Memorial Day

We often celebrate holidays without thinking about the meaning behind them. Memorial Day is one of those days. I’m sure we all know someone who has served, or even died, in the armed forces. One of our good family friends, Ryan, died in Afghanistan less that 2 years ago. He was only a few years older than me. It’s hard to wrap our heads around events like that. “Thank you” doesn’t seem to say enough! Spending time with family seems like the best way to celebrate a day like this! We are so grateful for the men and women who have and still serve! Without you, none of this would be possible!
Somehow my posts always end up with pictures like this…

My First Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day was nothing short of amazing. The day started with Stew bringing Turner and a hot cup of coffee to me in bed (two of my favorite things, besides Stew that is). Turner is so much fun early in the morning.IMG_1438
We sat in bed for a while and played. Turner practiced his tummy time and sitting up. He lasts for a few seconds and then falls over. It’s so cute!

Then, while Turner napped, Stew and I went downstairs. He had the most beautiful flowers and a card sitting on the kitchen table! I read the card while Stew made me some homemade juice.IMG_0882
This was his recipe
Mother’s Day Juice
2 handfuls lettuce
1/4 sweet potato, peeled
1 beet
1/4 pineapple
1/2 granny smith apple
Then, we got together for brunch with the family. After that, we headed to the annual picnic hosted by Charleston Birth Place (where I had Turner).
We even remembered a family pic!photo2
It was an amazing celebration of motherhood! It makes all the sleepless nights and dirty diapers almost worth it!

Stew’s Birthday

Today was quite a big day for us! We started our morning as usual, feeding Turner while we sat in bed drinking our coffee. While Turner napped, we got everything ready to spend the day in Summerville since we would be celebrating STEW’S 30TH BIRTHDAY at my mom’s later that night. Once Turner woke up, we got him dressed and headed out the door for church. This was Turner’s first official trip to church! He couldn’t wait to meet Pastor Mike.IMG_0122

Family portrait! IMG_0137After church we went to my mom’s house for lunch. It was delicious. Grilled cheese and salad…Gigi knows how to make a mean grilled cheese.IMG_0125

After lunch we hung out and got things ready for supper! We had lots of great photo ops with my new camera!IMG_0140Then, everyone passed Turner around like a he was a hot potato. He didn’t seem to mind though! Here’s Gigi (my mom) with Turner.

And then his Nona held him (my grandmother).

Then it was Uncle Jesse’s turn (my brother).

IMG_0226Finally, it was time for dessert! Turner got comfy in his PJs and had his bottle while we sang to Stew and ate cake!IMG_0239

Needless to say, Turner was pooped by the end of the day! IMG_0256

We had so much fun celebrating Daddy’s birthday today! There is so much more celebrating to do! His birthday week has only just begun, and I have a feeling 30 will be his best year yet!

Emily Bowl

Every year we celebrate my birthday and the Super Bowl together at my grandparents’ house. It’s always a fun time with amazing food! This year was even more special, because I was able to dress up my little pumpkin! Here are some pictures of the festivities!

Daddy with his little man! Turner is 11 weeks old in this picture. Although he looks like a little boy!We started the celebration at my mom’s house so Stew could shoot his new gun in the backyard. It was the perfect day for shooting! IMG_0684IMG_0702
Then, it was off to Nanny and Pops’ for Emily Bowl! My mom got me a tiara…I was so excited!!IMG_0720


Nanny and Mom surprised me with the Magic Baby Bullet! I can’t wait to start making baby food. It’s hard to believe we’re almost to that phase of Turner’s life! He’s growing right before my eyes. IMG_0723

Turner started getting sleepy, so we parked him on Nanny’s lap. He was so relaxed and happy. We were making him laugh and laugh!! IMG_0724

Turner ended the night hangin with the guys watching the game! He had the best seat in the house…all snuggled up on Daddy’s lap! Overall, it was a great night. It was the best birthday celebration I could have asked for!IMG_0725





The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This was the best Christmas ever!! Having a little baby makes the magic come back! Our Christmas was pretty low key. We stayed in town and just spent it with family. Christmas Eve was at Nanny and Pops’ (my grandparents) house for supper. It was fun getting Turner all dressed up! Here are some photos from Christmas Eve! photoIMG_0030
Stew Me and my brother Jesse

Christmas day was so nice! We starting the morning sitting in bed, drinking coffee, and playing. Turner is so happy in the mornings. He just smiles and laughs at anything! We had our Christmas music on, which he loves! Then, we got dressed to go for our daily walk. The weather was beautiful! Mid 60s and sunny. The perfect Christmas weather!! imageThen we had supper at my Mom’s house. It was so fun! We got there a little early to open presents.IMG_0044
And of course we had to take our first family picture on Christmas! Turner loves to stare at Stew. He must think he’s looking in a mirror! IMG_0050

Overall it was an amazing two days filled with lots of Christmas music, family, and GREAT food! I’m so thankful we had our little munchkin to make it even more special!