Toddlers are amazing. We went from an amazing beach trip one day, to a snot-filled-102-degree-fever the next! Turner has had his share of colds, but they always just seem to go away with my home remedies! The beautiful thing about Turner is that he is SUCH a happy kid. He eats like a champ and sleeps like a rock. So, when he gets sick, I don’t worry too much, because he’s still a happy camper!

That being said, Turner has had this cough, on and off, for about a month. He’s been on the nebulizer but no medicine so far. Our pediatrician kept saying it would work itself out (one of the reasons I really like him)! He got a fever last Thursday and it spiked at 101.8 by Friday. I buckled and gave him some tylenol. That helped!

Then the snots came. Snot like he’s never had before. I had to break out the chisel to get through it! Poor little guy. I just kept flushing his nose with salt water and doing the Snotsucker. Yesterday he was MUCH better! His fever was almost gone, the cough was sounding okay, but he was still super snotty. He was well enough that we were able to play at the park for a bit to enjoy the warm sunshine!

He did a little walking, swinging, and wood-chip tossing (his personal favorite).

We had a great weekend, even though Turner was under the weather. It was full of snuggles, spinach packed smoothies (little did Turner know) and Disney movies!

I told myself if he was still snotty this morning, I’d take him to the ped. And, low and behold, he was caked when he woke up! So, we headed to the doc. Turned out he had an ear infection!!! Poor little baby! If only he could have told me! We started him on his first antibiotic (tear) and called it a day. Hopefully this will kick that nasty bug right in the butt! Sleep tight, friends!

February Beach Trip

February in Charleston means we go from ice to pollen in about 10 days flat. I’m definitely not complaining! It’s one of the many reasons I stayed here after college.

February is one of my favorite months. I am definitely sad to see the holidays, festivities, and delicious food go! But then I get super excited, because February brings my birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Stew’s birthday all in a row!! Plus, the end of February starts spring fever! The sun is shining and the days are getting longer. That makes me one happy momma! 

This spring and summer will be the best yet! Turner is so much fun, and I know he will love playing outside. For the past few days we’ve been playing in the yard and the street with his walker. This is his absolute favorite toy! He walks laps around the house all day. He even strolls up and down the street, in our yard, and in every neighbor’s yard with a giant grin on his face. He doesn’t care whose yard he trespasses in! Luckily, they all think it’s cute, for now. 

Today, since it was in the 70s, we took a little lunch break and had a picnic at the beach (one of the many benefits of working from home)!  I packed up our food, a blanket, and the walker because, let’s face it, that’s all we would really need!

After scarfing down his lunch, and a little bit of sand, Turner was ready to play!

He walked and crawled (because, let’s face it, I can get there much faster) all over the beach! He chased birds and screamed at the top of his lungs! He even found a few pretty seashells! He sure knows how to have a good time!

What a way to recharge my batteries for the rest of the day! A picnic with my munchkin is the best “reset” button I could ever push! It definitely got me even more excited for beach weather! Maybe this year I won’t have to be the “sand eating police” and we will just PLAY at the beach! Sending sunshine your way!!!

Business Launch Event

This past Friday was my Business Launch Event for Rodan & Fields. I already work full time (from home) AND take care of Turner. But, when I learned that the dermatologists who created Proactiv created an anti-aging line, I had to be a part of it! So this is just an easy way to earn some extra spending money without much effort!

We’re not a “party” company. But, every new consultant has a “Launch Event” to share the business. I chose to invite a few girlfriends over to share my business venture and play with our products! My theme was “Leave the Aging to Wine & Cheese”. Cute, right!? (A 5X7 digital file of my chalkboard design is available on Etsy).

It was such a fun night! I felt so supported and loved by my friends. It was all about the wine, cheese, and skincare products!!

The girls ended up staying here till after 11! My eyes haven’t seen that time for years!! Stew even got to go hang out with one of his friends! It was a great way to send January off on a positive note! Here’s to new adventures and to being social!! Happy Sunday!

Warm You Heart and Soul

Greetings from FREEZING South Carolina! So, my dad actually called me earlier today and asked what my plan was! “Do you have a generator?” No. “Do you have canned goods?” Nope. “Did you load up on firewood?” Well, we have a bunch, but it’s already wet. So, no.

Ummmm…I live in Charleston. Winters don’t go below 50 degrees. I honestly forget how to function in cold weather, let alone know how to PLAN for a winter storm! So, my plan is to not have a plan and to pray and hope that everyone is overreacting and that we don’t lose power AT ALL. 

In the meantime, I took some hilarious videos that have warmed me heart and soul, and I’m hoping they will do the same for you!! Stay warm and be careful! It’s an ice coated jungle out there!

IMG 2641 from Emily on Vimeo.

IMG 2643 from Emily on Vimeo.

Giggle from Emily on Vimeo.

Our Little Surprise!!

No I’m not pregnant!! It’s a big “no-no” while Stew’s on chemo. But we ARE getting a PUPPY! In fact, we’re driving to Charlotte to get her as we speak!

We weren’t exactly planning on getting a puppy. Buuuuuut, we fell in love with her. She was too good to pass up! She’s a full mastiff. I know, you think I’m crazy. But there’s something about giant drooly dogs that makes me weak in the knees. I mean look at this face (and those giant paws)!


Her name is Elsbeth (pronounced Elz-Beth), Ellie for short. I’m so excited for Turner to have a little friend to play with. It will be a crazy few weeks, but I’ll keep you posted! Here’s to a new year and a new adventure!

Happy Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days. It may excite me even more than Christmas! Once Christmas Day comes, the magic is almost over!! Christmas Eve is like a Friday night. The weekend has just arrived and there is so much possibility! 

Today, we crammed in as many holiday festivities as possible! We started with a fun breakfast of strawberry filled crepes and grits. After breakfast, we had some play time, mainly involving Dora singing her little heart out on the Touchpad.

We played our Christmas music all day, had the Christmas lights on ALL DAY, and even did a little shopping. We went out to lunch and took a stroll around our favorite shopping center. I get almost panicky. I NEED to see all of the Christmas decorations one last time!!

After Turner’s nap, we packed up and headed to Nanny and Pops’s (my grandparents) house for an early dinner. But not without a family picture and a few kisses!

Nanny really outdid herself! She had a delicious Italian (of course) meal ready for us. We were starving and ready to eat! Turner, on the other hand, lasted about 2 hours and then started crapping out. He wouldn’t eat his dinner and was a sweaty, grumpy mess (more teeth coming in?!). So, we did what any parents would do, and stripped him down. Problem solved, for about 20 minutes.

Poor guy was exhausted. Don’t ask me why, he took two naps today! I’ll blame it on teething. We said our goodbyes and headed home. Turner conked out immediately. 

Now, here we are. Baby is tucked, the tree is lit, and it’s time to watch our final Christmas movie of the season! Still soaking up every drop of this day. Have the most wonderful Christmas!!

These Thighs

Turner seems to be getting chunkier by the second. It could quite possibly be because he will not stop eating! He starts rocking back and forth in his high chair, with his hands in the air, like he’s casting a spell on us….FEED ME OR I’LL TURN YOU INTO A FROG! His thighs, a.k.a. chunks, are my favorite part to squeeze!

Last night was our very romantic cloth-diaper-washing-night, so we had to put a disposable diaper on him this morning. His chunks look extra chunky sticking out of a tiny disposable diaper. I took this perfect opportunity to snap some pictures of him in action!

I love this kid! Hope you enjoyed the thigh action!

Just Another Day In Paradise

Life has been BUSY. It’s been an emotional roller coaster the past few weeks. Stew had his first chemo treatment two weeks ago. He had a rough few days after that, but each day got better. He was feeling like a champ by the time he had to go back for his second treatment two days ago. And, of course, the cycle started over. He’s felt nauseous the past few days, but we know it will get better as the days go on!

The GOOD news is that his tumor is shrinking!! There is a part of the tumor that is sticking out in his chest that Dr. Saylors measured before Stew started treatment. It was 6.5cm x 6.5cm. When we went back two days ago (after only one treatment) it shrunk to 3cm x 2cm!!! That’s more than HALF! We are so hopeful and feel so extremely blessed through this whole process! And having our little love muffin makes life SO much better!

Turner is as happy as a jack-o-lantern clam these days. He is playing with his giant toy cars, chasing them all over the house. He even has a Learn Through Music TouchPad that Stew’s friend, Billy, gave him. He is OBSESSED! Elmo is constantly serenading us which we are not so obsessed with, “We can count to five, TO FIVE, we can count to FIVE!”

Turner is at such an awesome age! He seems to learn something new every day! His favorite things to do are play, stand, EAT, and sing! He’s a very funny little boy.

He has such a personality already! He has been our saving grace over the past month! What’s even more exciting is that it’s our FIRST FALL together, my favorite time of year! We have the house decorated and are planning our outing to the pumpkin patch! But in the meantime, we have our own little pumpkin to enjoy!

I can sum up life lately with my favorite Phil Vassar song, Just Another Day In Paradise. Listen to it here. I bet you can relate!

Kids screamin
Phone ringin
Dog barkin at the mailman bringin
That stack of bills- overdue
Good mornin baby, how are you?
Gotta half hour, quick shower
Take a drink of milk, but the milk’s gone sour
my funny face, makes you laugh
Twist the top on and I put it back
There goes the washing machine
Baby don’t kick it, promise I’ll fix it,
Along with ’bout a million other things

It’s ok. It’s so nice. Just another day in paradise

Magnifilous Toy Emporium

One of our favorite cashiers at Whole Foods told us about this cool toy store that opened in Charleston a few months ago. We’ve been wanting to go since then! But, life gets in the way! This past Saturday, Stew brought it up. I had forgotten all about it! So, we headed downtown to find it! We spotted it on King Street. It’s called Magnifilous Toy Emporium. Boy, was it magnifilous!!

I felt like I stepped back into my childhood! We walked in the front door, and there was nickelodeon on the left and a carousel on the right! HOW COOL!?

Then, in front of us, was a GIANT ferris wheel made out of K’Nex!

We walked a few more steps into the store and were surrounded by toys, hanging hot air balloons, and a magical reading nook.

We Turner had so much fun playing with all of the toys! His favorite was the big ferris wheel.

What a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon! I know Turner will LOVE going there when he’s a little older. He will probably want to spend his allowance there every time we go! All of our big people worries just melted away, for a half hour anyway!


Let me paint this picture for you…

It was right around rush hour. I just finished food shopping (because we didn’t have time to do it over the weekend) and was driving home from Whole Foods. Turner was in the back doing his happy scream at the top of his lungs and cracking himself up.
Meanwhile, as I munched on my apple cinnamon straws, I was planning the timing of cooking dinner before bath time and bedtime, zig zagging around slow moving traffic, and going through my mental checklist. The cars in front of me started braking…darn, a red light. I glanced at the license plate of the car in front of me, and it said “Livslow”. WOW!
I took a deep breath, watched Turner in my rearview mirror, and thanked God for the little reminders He gives us about what really matters! Dinner will be made, the house will eventually be clean, and my to-do list will always be there. Words can’t describe how thankful I feel! Thanks for the words of wisdom SUV driver!