Babyproofing the House

We knew this day would come. It was only a matter of time. Turner has gotten really good at scooting everywhere. I definitely can’t take my eyes off him for too long, or he’ll be getting into trouble. Yesterday, it became real. He’s crawling! It just HAPPENED. I had a book that he wanted, and BAM, he crawled to me!

So, this weekend, it’s time to baby proof! Where to begin?! I did a walk through of the house. We don’t really have too many hard corners, so I think we’re good there (for now). So, I counted up our outlets, plugs, and general “danger zones” and made a list! Hope this is helpful for you too!


Outlet Cover (if something is plugged in at all times)
Outlet Plugs for unused outlets (16 downstairs & 8 upstairs)
Cabinet Door and Drawer Locks-kitchen, bathrooms, cleaning closets, desks, etc (14 doors 4 drawers)
Baby Gate (2)
Oven Door Lock
Bath Spout Cover (works if your shower diverter is on top of the spout)
Corner Cushion on hard edges (tables, windowsills, etc)
Power Strip Safety Cover for entertainment centers/computer areas (works with regular plugs, not big bulky ones)

Safety Notes:

  • check smoke detectors in every sleeping area.
  • carbon monoxide detector on each floor.
  • unplug appliances when not in use

Feel free to share your baby proofing experiences too! I’d love to hear them.