Sweet Summertime

This summer has been the most amazing summer to date! Life is starting to get a little bit easier. We’re at the point where Gracie really likes hanging out and playing with Turner and he feels the same! They occupy each other which helps me out big time! She also has started eating more solids and is more independent when it comes to eating. I can sit her in her high chair and give her a bottle, a baby food pouch, or finger foods and she can feed herself. She falls asleep at night and nap-time without crying, sleeps a solid 7pm-7am and is such a happy girl!

We spend most of our days doing much of the same. First thing in the morning, the kids eat cheerios and play while Stew and I drink our coffee in bed. That is, and always has been, my favorite part of the day. Everyone wakes up in a great mood! Turner always says, “I missed you! I’m so happy to see you!” which melts my heart. It’s as if he gets amnesia and forgets the way I yelled at him the night before! Thank God for a short memory and an ever-forgiving heart!

We hit the gym in the morning and then either go to the pool or play at home. It has been SO hot that the only way we can be outside is if there is a pool or hose involved!

The other day we met my mom for breakfast at one of my favorite spots (thanks Kirsten). It’s called Vintage Cafe. They have the best food and coffee. Super hip little joint. In the back, they turned an old pickup truck into a little playground. Is that not the best idea ever!? That way the adults can eat and enjoy their coffee while the kiddos entertain themselves! The only problem was that it was about 115 degrees with the heat index so we were dripping with sweat and red-faced. That didn’t stop us from having a great time (and drinking tons of water) though!

I’m already getting the itch for cooler weather! Work will be a little slower, we will spend the entire day outside, and the food is just so stinking good in the fall! Considering it’s only July 16th, I have quite a ways to go. So for now, I’ll hold my horses and be in the sweaty moment! We will pack as much summer into our days as we can handle! Have a great weekend!

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