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Definitely read the post below. But HERE is my most recent sleep training post since I’ve had my daughter. It’s much more detailed!

I just talked to a friend of mine about sleep training. Our conversation prompted this post. It’s definitely NOT easy! In fact, it’s probably used as a form of torture in some countries! I started sleep training around 5 weeks. Some would argue that it’s too soon, but I say it’s never to soon to get on a schedule! Honestly, when you’re in that phase of parenting, I feel like anything that can comfort you and give you hope is worth a shot!

I started reading Preparation for Parenting by Gary Ezzo (author of On Becoming Baby Wise) when Turner was about 2 weeks old. It gave me comfort that SOME DAY my baby would sleep! I talked to two women who read this book and implemented the sleep routine at an early age too. Their advice was, “babies cry! It’s their way of expressing themselves” and my nurse’s advice was “If you’ve fed him, changed him, he’s not cold or hot, them put him down and let him cry for 15 minutes. He won’t hurt himself. You’ll go crazy if you don’t!”

Needless to say, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do! I would let him cry for MAYBE 5 minutes at first. I’d pick him up, he’d stop crying, I’d put him down and he’d start again. I basically did this during his whole “nap time” for a few weeks. I would let him go a few more minutes each week. Eventually, his crying went from lasting the whole nap (with me picking up and putting down) to lasting 15 minutes and then passing out, to lasting 5 minutes and passing out. He got to the point where I would put him down and he would just fall asleep without making a sound!

People can’t believe how “content” Turner is! The girls that watch him at my gym say how he’s content when he’s by himself and plays on his own. My in laws can’t believe it either! They are amazed at how calm he is. Now, he was not always that way! When he was first born, he was eating every hour to hour and a half. Stew and I were sleeping in 30 minute increments. I really didn’t think I’d survive. I had to use a pacifier to stretch out his feedings (also my nurse’s advice). It took a few weeks for the pacifier/sleep training to set in. But it is the BEST thing I’ve ever done. Turner started sleeping through the night (8:00pm to 7:00 am) around 10 weeks. I attribute it to the sleep training. He will wake up and fall right back to sleep on his own and he is such a happy baby!IMG_0070

Here is a sample of our daily schedule now at 5 months as a work at home/breastfeeding mom…

7:00 am Turner wakes up (in his own room and crib) talking to himself. I change him and then feed him in my bed.IMG_0913
7:30 He sits in his Boppy next to me in bed while I pump and drink coffee :o)
8:30-10:30 He naps while Mommy gets some work done. If he wakes up early, he likes to do tummy time and roll around in his play gymIMG_0587IMG_1103
10:30 Change Turner, breastfeed, give Turner his veggies (which I make with the Baby Bullet and completely recommend–this week is zucchini)!photo
11:00-12:00 Turner hangs out in the office with Mommy working and listening to music.
12:00-2:00 Turner naps while Mommy works
2:00-3:30 Change Turner, breastfeed, take a walk/play, get some work done.
3:30-5:00 Turner plays in his bouncy seat while Mommy works.
5:00-6:00 Change Turner, breastfeed, second helping of veggies. Turner sits in his high-chair while Mommy makes dinner.
6:00-7:00 Daddy comes home and plays with Turner. Mommy and Daddy eat while Turner sits at the table in his high-chair.
7:00-7:30 Bath time
7:30-Mommy and Daddy read Turner a book, sing him some songs and give him his night time bottle (5 oz. pumped)
8:00 Mommy and Daddy watch TV and eat ice cream. Currently our favorite shows are Flashpoint and The Voice (even though there are new coaches). Mommy pumps before bed. IMG_1100

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  1. Thanks so much for the detailed schedule. My Caspian is 5 months old and we are just not transitioning from co sleeping to his crib. He was nursing 3-4 times a night but that’s me spoiling him. He is chunky. Great to see other moms schedules!

  2. Hi. I have 7 month old baby boy. He is healthy strong baby. So far been exclusively breastfeeding him up until 6 month. Then started giving him solids. Was hoping that solids will fill his stomack and he will be able to sleep better at night. Unfortunately so far had no proper night sleep since he is born. I am planing to sleep train him soon(waiting for his dad to go away for a week as he would not let me our baby cry for long). I do understand all good benefits it gives to the baby to sleep through the night. The only thing i have in my mind that puts me off from this idea- how to keep up with milk supply. I read many books, been advised by other moms and specialist that night time nursing is a key to keep up with a good milk supply. How did you managed this. How long were you breastfeeding your baby after he started sleeping through the night? Why are you pumping the night time meal? Please help me as i still want to continue to breadtfeed but at the same time i feel i am going to collapse soon if i have no proper night sleep. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Emily,
    I wrote you few months ago on Pinterest, about sleep training when my baby was 5 weeks old. He is now 5 months old and is sleeping through the night and naping by himself. I just wanted to thank you for posting about your baby and your experiences. It means a lot to me.
    Have a wonderful new year.
    Lots of Hugs,

  4. I was just wondering if turner gets overtired between 2-7:30? that seems like such a long stretch between sleep? I am working on a daily routine that would work and cant seem to find one that works, yours is the closest I have found. That stretch of 5.5 hrs might make him over tired and not sleep at night 🙁

    1. Hi Tamara! He doesn’t get tired between that stretch. He definitely used to. He usually sleeps until about 2:30 or even 3. We would start his bath routine by 6:45 and put him down by 7. But now he’s much better at staying awake that long

  5. Hi Emily, I too am wondering how you keep your milk supply up with this schedule. Could you send me the same email you sent Kristina? Also, when did you start your son on this current schedule. My son is a little over 4 mths and is still only up for an 1- 1 1/2 before he needs another nap. I have tried to keep him up later in the evening per a friends suggestion but he gets so exhausted.

  6. Hey thabks so much, could you send me the same first email as that lady, about why you pump/bottle that night time feed and how old was he when you started? If he cried in the middle of thr night for binkie or something did you console or let him cry it out?I have a 8 weeks old and he is sleeping in our room in a bassinet but has been sleeping like 5-6 hr stretches at night latley..

    Thanks so much

  7. This is a great schedule, but what schedule did you use when you started? My baby is 7 weeks old. The evening time seems too long for her, but I don’t know what time would be good to have her sleep in the evening?

      1. Thank you for the schedule. I have a few questions about how you put your kids to bed. I read that you put them to sleep awake and let them cry or fuss for up to 15 min. I have tried this ut it doesn’t seem to work for me so suggestions would be much appreciated. I usually soothe her until she is drifting off then put her down. She normally will go to sleep after fussing for a bit. Sometimes I have to pick her up after she cries and soothe her again then put her down. I want to be able to put her down awake like you do but not sure what to do bc if I let her cry she gets very worked up\too hot. Also I have been reading books and blogs trying to figure out what to do when she wakes up after 45 min into nap. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. I let her fuss to see if she will go back to sleep then if not I don’t know if I should go in and try to pat\shush her to sleep or let her cry. I have tried letting her cry as much as 30 min and she didn’t go back to sleep. She just worked herself up and got hot. I want her to be able to self soothe herself and be able to sleep anywhere. Advice please!

  8. Hi!
    Could you share your tips with me as to how to keep up my milk supply, while training my little guy to sleep through the night? I have a 5 month old and the longest he sleeps is from 10pm-3am, sometimes 4am. I haven’t slept through the night since he was born. Also, I think we are entering the teething phase too. If you have any tips, I would be so grateful!

    1. Hey Kristen. Absolutely! Basically, the more you nurse, the more milk you produce. So, if you feel like your supply is low, you can add an extra pump session or two between feedings. I always pump after I feed Gracie in the morning since I have the most milk. I also pump before bed while my husband gives Gracie her bottle. There’s also something called Mother’s Milk tea that you can drink. I’ve seen it at Whole Foods, but I think they have it at most grocery stores. If you still feel like your supply is low, ask your doc about a prescription to increase your supply. Hope that helps!

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