Sick Day

Today was one of those icky days. I felt a little queasy last night (no I’m not pregnant) and thought a good night’s sleep would do the trick. But, last night, Turner cried a few times, which woke ME up too. It’s hard to believe, but he’s teething AGAIN. Just a few weeks ago, all four molars came in, and now one of his bottom teeth just popped through. I didn’t actually have to get him last night, because he never woke up. He just whined and cried enough to wake me up. So, I did not feel well at all today. Add to the mix a windy rainy day, and you have momma and baby pajama day!

I had all intentions of getting up and going to the gym, but with the icky feeling, exhaustion, and rain, I decided against it. Instead, Turner and I stayed in our comfy clothes and made a lazy day of it. Much better plan.

We put the couch cushions on the floor so we could build a fort (slash-soft-landing-pad-for-jumping-off-furniture). Turner was so amused with very little effort on my part-SCORE!

When he got bored with that, we moved it into the living room and set up a snuggle nook while we attempted to watch cartoons.

I say attempted because he’s never actually watched cartoons a day in his life. The only TV he’s ever seen is Food Network. So, needless to say, his attention span wasn’t havin’ in. We snuggled for about 7 minutes, and then he was off with his dump-truck racing laps around the house. I, on the other hand, was perfectly content staying right where I was and watching Dr. Mcstuffins help the little jaguar learn that her spots were special and that she was beautiful just the way she was!

Sometimes we just need a sick day. It was the perfect way to recharge my batteries! Even though I didn’t feel great, I still loved spending quality time with my little man! Hopefully tonight I’ll get a better sleep, because we need to be ready for all of our Easter festivities! I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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