Sick Day

One of my best friends just pointed out that I’ve been MIA in social media lately! I’ve just been so busy and haven’t really had anything that exciting to write about! Luckily, Turner just puked all over the kitchen floor, which at least gives me something to write about!

We had our morning as usual. We started with our daily snuggle in bed with milk and coffee. Then, We came downstairs a little earlier than usual. I had to be at the gym by 8:15 to co-teach a cross-fit class with one of the trainers. He wanted to throw a little yoga into his mix. Awesome! Then I had a yoga class to teach at 9:15. Then a lunch meeting on Dewees Island.

I was at the stove around 7:30, cooking our eggs, when Turner threw up everywhere! I thought maybe he just choked on his water. Nope! It just kept coming. Poor little guy. His face was priceless. It was like he had no idea what just happened. I immediately stripped him down and cleaned up the kitchen. Then all he wanted to do was lay on me. Fine by me!

After a little while, we went into the living room to watch music videos (Turner’s favorite) and snuggle on the floor.

He got up to walk around and then round two. Luckily, I had a giant bowl ready and waiting. The awesome thing about Turner is that he’s SO happy! I don’t know anyone who can laugh and smile between throw ups! Just this guy…

Let’s hope this passes quickly! I hate when he’s sick. Luckily my mom is coming over around 11 to watch him while I go to Dewees. He loves his Gigi. She’s the only one I feel ok leaving my sick baby with! Hope your Tuesday is off to a better start than ours!

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