Rain Rain Go Away

The weather has been terrible lately! I don’t even remember what the sun looks like! That is rare in SC! The only good thing about it is that we were forced to just relax this weekend! Stew, Turner, and I spent Saturday afternoon sitting in a coffee shop, which was so fun! The rest of our time was spent at home playing, cleaning, and doing laundry (a few of my favorite things).

Speaking of playing, Turner has just turned into a big boy right before our eyes! We keep thinking he’s this little baby who can’t do anything! It’s hard to believe that he’s sitting up in his Boppy Pillow and is actually capable of playing with “6mo+” toys!! Here are some shots of him.t



Next weekend, we’re hosting our supper club (Tapas & Sangria theme), so we ventured out to Hobby Lobby and Michaels on Sunday. While we were there, I found blank onesies and iron-on letters! This reminded me that I’ve been wanting to make a onesie for Turner! So we picked up the goodies, and I made this when I got home!t3
Turner obviously loved it because he loves his veggies! A boy after his momma’s heart :o)

Overall, it was a pretty uneventful weekend. We still had fun though! Rain can’t hold us back!

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  1. We were just thinking the same thing how he is looking like a big boy, no more baby face. He makes us smile so much just looking at him. What a precious great grandson. We are so blessed including you guys.

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