My Big Boy

Turner is getting SO BIG! I feel like he’s such a little man! People who haven’t seen him in a while are shocked by how much he’s grown! Now that he’s walking (finally), he really seems like a toddler!

Yesterday, we took him for his second big boy haircut. He definitely has my hair. It’s sort of like a mop that always looks the same, no matter what! We knew it was time for a trim, when he was getting a little mullet action. I love the shaggy look, but it was a little too shaggy. So, we took him to Ms. Yolanda, who he adores!

He sat in his little race car and ate apple sticks while Ms. Yolanda gave him a trim. He sat like a statue! It was so funny to watch.

This morning, we had our coffee in bed and snuggled for a while before starting the day. We were feeling lazy…

Then, as usual, we hit the farmer’s market to get some goodies! It turned out to be a beautiful morning, which is always exciting! We walked through the market and got our produce. Then we headed home for lunch and a nap.

So far, we’re having a great weekend, and it’s only just begun! I love being with Turner all week, but it’s also nice when Stew’s home to help out! That means we get family time, but I also get some time to myself, which is much needed! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too!

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