It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

The Watson house has been very busy lately! Since getting home from our Thanksgiving trip to NJ, we have been in full-on Christmas mode! We decorated the house the day before we left so we would come home to Christmas! The day after we got back, we went to get our tree. It was SO fun decorating the tree with Turner! He actually participated! And every time we come downstairs in the morning, he says “Dimass Dee On”! He’s just as obsessed with this season as I am. It’s a dream come true!

He’s also been helping around the house with projects. He loves to help with the cooking, especially when he stands on his Kitchen Helper, and loves cleaning up!! I will take full advantage while it lasts!

But Turner’s faaaavorite thing is playing outside! The other day, it was beautiful out! So we spent a few hours in the backyard raking the leaves. I was horrified at the job ahead of me, but he was SO excited!!

He was actually quite helpful. I would rake the leaves into piles and he would pick up handfuls and put them in the leaf bags!

We got all of the leaves bagged up and out to the street. His being there made a tedious job pretty fun! I’m the luckiest momma in the world to get to spend my days with this guy!! Happy almost Christmas!

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