Hot Mess

I feel like it’s been AGES since I’ve written a post. Well, my last post was all happy and optimistic thinking the worst of our illness was over….WRONG! I’m doing fine. But Turner has been on the vomit roller coaster for an entire week! Just when we think he’s better, SPLAT. 

This all started last Wednesday. So by Friday he was fine, or so I thought. I started to introduce his goat’s milk again. Before that, it was straight up Pedialyte. By nighttime, he was so exhausted, that we ended up putting him to bed around 6:30. Passed. Out. About 20 minutes later, he woke up hysterically crying (which is not like him). I picked him up and rocked him to calm him down. He just wouldn’t stop crying. And then, BAM. Turner, me, chair, COVERED in throw up. Stew came upstairs with a bath towel to clean up. Meanwhile, I carried him into the bathroom, peeled off our wet clothes, and sat on the bathroom floor. Turner was so tired that he laid on the floor and fell asleep. Stew brought in some clean pjs and we dressed him and put him back in bed. The rest of the night was fine!

Saturday was GREAT! He was back on his Pedialyte and saltine cracker diet. Sunday we were ready to venture out for the first time in days. The sun was shining, it was in the mid 60s, and it was SECOND SUNDAY! That’s our favorite time to walk around Charleston. The roads are closed off to traffic, and the restaurants have tables set up in the street.  So, when Turner woke up from his afternoon nap, we brought him downstairs for a quick snack before heading downtown. As Stew was putting him in his highchair, he projectile vomited everywhere! WTF!?! After that, he seemed totally fine. So, we let a little time pass and settled for a walk around the block.

Monday, perfectly fine! He was definitely not as hungry and EXTREMELY clingy, but I didn’t mind. Poor momma baby has been through the ringer! I was convinced that this was all behind us. Well, I hate to break it to you, but a nasty cough hit him last night. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? So, he coughed and wined ALL NIGHT. Aren’t you getting tired from reading this!? Well, this morning, we went to get him out of his crib and brought him downstairs for breakfast. You guessed it…puked all over the floor. So, I brought him to the doc. Common sense, I know. Our pediatrician, whom I love, said his digestion was still sensitive and his cough should get better. He was already run down, so he was more susceptible to getting something else (hence the cough). After all that, there was nothing to do but wait it out. Let’s hope today was the last of it. I’ve been covered in vomit enough for a lifetime!
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  1. Oh Emily! What a week it has been! I just wanted to let you know that I think about you a lot and keep up with you on your posts. I pray for you and Stew and his health and all of your happiness on a regular basis. Miss you, my old friend!
    Jeni Nix

  2. What a rough time for you all! My friend’s grandson, who was born the same day as Turner, was sick like this for 3 weeks. Hope yours doesn’t last that long! Hugs to all of you.

    Mom 🙁

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