Happy 4th of July!

I think 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Actually, I love all holidays, but the 4th is up there! Any excuse to have a BBQ and color coordinate, I’M IN! I think it stems from growing up on the beach and having BBQs and seeing fireworks every year! It’s just such a festive holiday!

Stew and I have been working so much that we didn’t even know what to do with ourselves today! We put Turner down for his morning nap and tried to think of something extravagant to do. Nothing. So, we made breakfast! That always helps us think. We cut up some fresh fruit and baked these AMAZING croissants from Trader Joes. I mean…amazing (they’re in the freezer section in case you have a hankering).
Every 4th of July, our neighborhood has a bike parade in the morning. Everyone dresses up in their most festive clothes and decorates their bikes (and strollers) and walks through the neighborhood! We love to sit on the porch and watch everyone go by. We brought our breakfast out and watched the parade. The kids looked so cute racing by!
Then, Turner was up. We all went out on the porch to enjoy the gorgeous weather, FINALLY!
We thought about going to the beach but didn’t want to fight the traffic and vacationers. So, we went to our beloved pool with our friends Cara, Drew, and Baby Lola. We had a blast, until the babies pooped out!
We won’t be going out to enjoy fireworks tonight since it’s passed Turner’s bedtime. But, luckily, we can catch a few from our porch! It will be a quiet night with my honey and a cold corona. Times have certainly changed, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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  1. What a memorable day. The photos are great. The food looked great. Makes us want to go to trader joe’s . At our age we watch the fireworks on tv. They are really spectacular, but not quite the same as seeing them live. Enjoy the rest of your day. Give turner a hug from Nona & pops.love you guys. God bless America.

  2. Pops loved this so much he is going to print this out an save it to save this in our archives.

  3. Thank you for sharing…holidays take on a different meaning when you have a family. Love the traditional bike ride. Can’t wait to see Turner in it!

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