Father’s Day

Yesterday was Stew’s first Father’s Day! Mother’s Day was so special to me, so I wanted to make sure Stew felt the same way. He is such an amazing daddy, he deserves the biggest celebration! I remember, when I was pregnant, Stew was nervous that he wouldn’t know what to do! He said, “I can’t even keep all the names straight…the bumbo, the boppy, the binky” I’m sure everyone has felt that way! But, the second Stew held Turner, it was like he was born to be a father. IMG_0042
So, this day is all about Stew! He’s the one who works a long, hard, messy day, and still comes home and makes a beeline to Turner. He’s the one that will be covered in concrete dust, but will still do bath time with Turner before he showers! He’s the one that lets us both rest on his chest even with a separated rib! He’s the most selfless and loving person I have ever met! And we are so grateful he’s “ours”. Thanks for taking such good care of us, Babe!

We started the day by making a delicious breakfast! We get these frozen croissants from Trader Joe’s that are to die for. I took them out of the freezer and let them rise overnight. They bake up so light and fluffy, it feels like we’re sitting in a little cafe on the streets of France (not that I’ve ever been to France, but I imagine that’s what it would be like).

Stew opened his presents from me and Turner…

We ordered him shirts from Etsy. Like Father Like Son. These shirts actually aren’t on this girl’s Etsy shop anymore, but she has some seriously funny shirts. It makes me want to get into the shirt printing business!image
We also gave him a framed poem, which he loved! I saw this on Pinterest a while ago and saved it. I thought it would be a great Father’s Day gift! I cry every time I read it. I used a blue ink pad and dipped Turner’s feet in it and pressed them on printer paper (one foot at a time). Then, I let it dry. Meanwhile, I typed up the poem, put the footprint paper in the printer (face down) and printed out the poem. I put it in a black frame and will hang it on our wall. So cute!
Later on in the day, we had our friends over for a little pool action and a BBQ. These are our “baby” friends. We all met in our hypnobabies class and had our babies around the same time. The girls have play dates with the babies, but the men rarely get to play! So, we decided to have them all over to celebrate new dadhood. They’re all amazing daddies! We had so much fun celebrating yesterday! Happy first Father’s Day Stew!!

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  1. Stewart is an amazing person besides being a great husband and a super Dad. We are so blessed to have him in our family. Sounds like he had a very special first Father’s Day thjat he so deserves.. You guys are all so special!

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