Emily Bowl

Every year we celebrate my birthday and the Super Bowl together at my grandparents’ house. It’s always a fun time with amazing food! This year was even more special, because I was able to dress up my little pumpkin! Here are some pictures of the festivities!

Daddy with his little man! Turner is 11 weeks old in this picture. Although he looks like a little boy!We started the celebration at my mom’s house so Stew could shoot his new gun in the backyard. It was the perfect day for shooting! IMG_0684IMG_0702
Then, it was off to Nanny and Pops’ for Emily Bowl! My mom got me a tiara…I was so excited!!IMG_0720


Nanny and Mom surprised me with the Magic Baby Bullet! I can’t wait to start making baby food. It’s hard to believe we’re almost to that phase of Turner’s life! He’s growing right before my eyes. IMG_0723

Turner started getting sleepy, so we parked him on Nanny’s lap. He was so relaxed and happy. We were making him laugh and laugh!! IMG_0724

Turner ended the night hangin with the guys watching the game! He had the best seat in the house…all snuggled up on Daddy’s lap! Overall, it was a great night. It was the best birthday celebration I could have asked for!IMG_0725





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  1. You are starting to write a book in the life of Turner… what a great idea…it can be edited , and then given to him when he is 21…. or maybe 18 if you cannot wait that long!! So thrilled for all your family XX

  2. It was certainly a great time, especially celebrating your birthday princess!!! Turner is soooo adorable sitting at the table like a little man!!!

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