Dresser Update

Everyone has this dresser! It’s either sitting in your parents’ house, or it’s in your house because they don’t want it anymore!dresser I have a set in my bedroom at my dad’s house. I do love them because they remind me of my childhood, but they definitely don’t match my decor!

This baby has been sitting in our closet for 3 years. We keep it because we need the storage! It never dawned on me to repaint it, because it has that thick shiny surface that nothing sticks to…until now! This primer is a miracle. You don’t even need to sand the piece you’re painting! It truly sticks to any surface! Once I discovered it, I went back to the store and bought their whole supply! This is what I did:
1. Lay drop cloth down on bathroom garage floor.
2. Remove all handles and throw away because they’re terrible
3. Place all drawers face up on the drop cloth.
4. Spray with primer and let dry (It took 1 1/2 cans for this piece)
5. Choose two colors of spray paint. This is what I used (primer on left and cream and gray paint on the right)IMG_1146
6. Spray entire dresser with base color (I used gray) and let dry.
7. Tape the dresser if you want a design. I chose to do stripes on the sides and top.
8. Spray with top color (I used a cream color).
9. Pull off tape.
10. Replace draw handles (make sure to measure!!).
11. Admire you’re amazing work!
It’s missing a few handles. They only had one pack at Target, and I needed two! For an added touch, I found bins at Target that fit PERFECTLY into my top drawer. This helps everything stay in its place and look organized. Note** You don’t need to organize your underwear by color, I’m just a bit obsessive! :o)IMG_1145Supply List:
1. 2 cans Majic All Purpose Enamel Spray Primer-Found at Tractor Supply
2. 2 cans of spray paint (1 of each color you choose)
3. Drawer handles (make sure to measure from hole to hole)
4. Painter’s tape
5. Drop cloth
6. Bins to organize drawer (optional)
7. Face mask (this stuff stinks!)

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