Dimass Deeeeee A.K.A Christmas Tree

Last Christmas was fun, but THIS Christmas was amazing! The excitement has been building for a few weeks now. Every morning, when Turner and I would walk downstairs he’d say, “Dimass Dee ON!”. And wherever we would go, he’d point to Christmas lights and say “DIMAAAAAS DEEEEE!” I think the most exciting thing about this Christmas was the fact that he didn’t quite get the whole gift thing yet. Don’t get me wrong, he was super excited to see his shiny new trucks and such, but he was really excited about the music, lights, and family, which made it magical.

On Christmas Eve, we went to Pops and Nona’s house (my grandparents) for an early supper. He couldn’t wait to get there. He kept pretending to call them on the phone, screaming NONA!!! POPS!!! It was a nice low key night with a little gifting and a lot of amazing food!

We put Turner in his pjs before driving home, because we knew he’d fall asleep in the car. We got home and tucked him in bed. Then, Stew and I pumped up the Christmas music and wrapped gifts and put them under the tree. All we got for Turner was a tool bench, because our parents got enough gifts that we didn’t want to overdo it! Plus, grandparents are allowed to spoil!

On Christmas morning, we had our usual snuggle time in bed while we drank coffee, and Turner had a quick sippy cup of milk. Then, we went downstairs for the unveiling. I ran down first to get a video. Turner’s always excited to go down and see the tree, but this time, his reaction was priceless! He gasped and said “DUUUUUUTZ!!!!” (his word for truck) and ran over to his pick up truck and hopped in.

After that, we opened a few more gifts and read our cards.

Then, I made breakfast while Stew took Turner outside to ride his new truck. That lasted for a little while until Turner was hitting every curb and riding onto our neighbors’ lawns. At that point, after a short meltdown because he had to come inside, we regrouped and got ready for our afternoon at Gigi and Paw Paw’s house (my mom and step-dad), where there was more food, family and gifts!

Turner got his very own train set and conductor’s hat to go along with it! He didn’t waste any time getting that set up!

This was definitely the best Christmas yet. Turner is at that age where everything is exciting! I loved watching him have so much fun. It really brought back the magic of Christmas!

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