Christmas Gift Guide

1. The Kitchen Helper-This has been amazing! Turner loves to stand in it. He is actually helpful when I’m in the kitchen making dinner, washing dishes, etc. He likes to stand in front of the sink and play with big spoons and whisks too. It’s made a huge difference in my sanity!

2. Kid’s Leaf Rake-This was a purchase made after Turner and I spent the day raking in the backyard. He kept trying to steal my rake and would get very frustrated when I would have to take it back. So, I got him his own! He loves it.

3. Ball Pit-My friend got this for Turner for his birthday. He loves it. He actually takes his other toys in there to play. He likes to throw the balls out of the ball pit. I let him do it because I taught him to put them back in before we move on to the next thing.


4. Rolling Bar – We were actually in Target a few weeks ago and the rolling bar was on sale. It was so cute! I have been looking for something like this for a while. We got it immediately!

5. Scotch Glass-My husband has an obsession with scotch. His parents just went to Scottland and brought him back a bottle of scotch. So to go along with our new bar and scotch we asked for a set of scotch glasses for Christmas.

6. Tovolo KING Cube Ice Trays-These were the perfect accompaniment to our scotch glasses!


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