Happy Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days. It may excite me even more than Christmas! Once Christmas Day comes, the magic is almost over!! Christmas Eve is like a Friday night. The weekend has just arrived and there is so much possibility! 

Today, we crammed in as many holiday festivities as possible! We started with a fun breakfast of strawberry filled crepes and grits. After breakfast, we had some play time, mainly involving Dora singing her little heart out on the Touchpad.

We played our Christmas music all day, had the Christmas lights on ALL DAY, and even did a little shopping. We went out to lunch and took a stroll around our favorite shopping center. I get almost panicky. I NEED to see all of the Christmas decorations one last time!!

After Turner’s nap, we packed up and headed to Nanny and Pops’s (my grandparents) house for an early dinner. But not without a family picture and a few kisses!

Nanny really outdid herself! She had a delicious Italian (of course) meal ready for us. We were starving and ready to eat! Turner, on the other hand, lasted about 2 hours and then started crapping out. He wouldn’t eat his dinner and was a sweaty, grumpy mess (more teeth coming in?!). So, we did what any parents would do, and stripped him down. Problem solved, for about 20 minutes.

Poor guy was exhausted. Don’t ask me why, he took two naps today! I’ll blame it on teething. We said our goodbyes and headed home. Turner conked out immediately. 

Now, here we are. Baby is tucked, the tree is lit, and it’s time to watch our final Christmas movie of the season! Still soaking up every drop of this day. Have the most wonderful Christmas!!

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