Weekend Projects

There’s something about daylight-saving time that makes me want to pop on my boots and get out in the garden! Judging by the lines at Lowe’s, I wasn’t alone! This winter has been COLD. I’ve been looking at our dead grass and plants for the past few months, waiting for the weather to warm up, so I could add some GREEN back into my life!!

We started several projects this past weekend! I cleaned out the front garden beds and pruned my rosebushes to get them ready for mulch! We raked the backyard and put grass seed down in our dirt patches in hopes that we will have a bright green blanket of grass (fingers crossed). I planted lots of veggies in my raised vegetable gardens that Stew built last summer– bibb lettuce, arugula, spinach, squash, red peppers, tomatoes, and tons of herbs!

We picked up our hanging ferns for the porch and planted my window boxes.

We planted some plants around the trees in the center of the yard (I have big visions for this area). It’s definitely a work in progress! This is the before picture:

And here is the BEGINNING of my project. I’m only showing you this because I trust that you have my vision too….think “cozy shade garden” with fluffy green foliage and mason jar lights hanging from the trees…

And I put together some containers for the front porch and back deck! The first one has a fern and hydrangeas. It will be beautiful once it fills out (another one I’m trusting you to have my vision)!

Turner was a HUGE help! He mowed the ENTIRE lawn (don’t mind the outfit…I changed his diaper and was too lazy to go into the attic and bust out the summer gear. We made due with the diaper and sweet kicks).

What a productive weekend! All we have left to do is mulch! I will update you with more pictures once things start to fill out! But, for now, happy almost SPRING!

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Organization and Valentine’s Day Decor

It’s hard to believe January is almost over!! I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. We’ve had a rough winter, to say the least. Plus, we have a LOT of exciting things happening next month. We have my birthday, Valentine’s Day, Stew’s Birthday, and Stew’s LAST chemo treatment February 27th!!! And, on top of that, spring is right around the corner!

In the meantime, we’ve been cleaning and organizing. I’ll update you as we go on our never-ending house projects! My first project was to organize my diaper bag. I usually just keep it in the car so we have anything and everything we need in case the world ends. Keeping it in the car equals me not changing anything out for the past 14 months. Soooo, I brought it in and went through it. I put everything in a compartment or in a bag within my bag. I have my Rodan and Fields zipper case filled with all of my bottles–lotion, diaper rash ointment, saline nose spray, lip gloss, and sunscreen. I have my Baby Wipe Case, a spare diaper, and a Diaper Wet Bag. I also have a case of hand wipes and the Tiny Diner for when hunger strikes. I feel better already!

I put a few decorations up for Valentine’s Day (right after the Christmas stuff came down). I love when the house is decorated. And Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! It brightens up the winter so much! Plus, Stew and I have had a fondue dinner tradition since we started dating a hundred eight years ago which is always exciting. Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures of our fondue this year to share! We’ve never missed a year yet! (P.S. my Valentine’s Day Chalkboard is now available on Etsy in a 4×6 Digital File!)

I have high hopes for getting this house in tip-top organized shape by the time spring rolls around. We’ll see how that goes! And for some Sunday cuteness, here’s some Turner love! Stay warm 😮

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Baby Shower!!!

NOT MINE! Geesh, you scared me! My lovely friend, Cara, is pregnant! Cara, Kelly, and I became very good friends in our Hypnobabies class. Hey, you get close when you talk about giving birth for hours on end! Our due dates were all around the same time, so we bonded instantly. Cara’s baby girl was born last September. Kelly and I had our boys a day apart last November! So, needless to say, we’ve shared a lot of laughs, cries, and poopy diapers.

Since we didn’t know each other until later on in our pregnancies, we never got to share a baby shower together! So, I decided to throw one for Cara. I invited some of her friends over to my house. Her mom was in town too, which worked out perfectly! Actually, because of that, Kelly and I invited our moms too! It helped with baby care, that’s for sure! It was such a fun night filled with food, laughs, more poopy diapers, and even a few tears (babies, not us).

Cara is having a boy and is planning on doing a nautical theme for the nursery. I stayed true to the theme with my decorations! I made a Sail Baby Sail sign and framed it for the table.

Since it was the afternoon, I wanted a light menu. I made a variety of tea sandwiches:
* BLT Bites
* Opened Face Caprese Sandwiches
* Herbed Cream Cheese & Cucumber Bites
* Veggies & Dip (courtesy of Cara’s mom)
* Fig Tart (courtesy of my mom)
* Lemon Curd Cake (courtesy of my mom)

For the drinks, I did mason jars with name tags in blue tied around each glass. I also found the cutest blue and white striped paper straws to go with the nautical theme. I kept the drinks simple too:

* Citrus & Cucumber Water (2 oranges, 1 lime, 1 cucumber sliced)
* Passion Fruit Iced Tea (Tazo)
* Peach Iced Tea (Charleston Tea Plantation)
* Mint, Lemons, Simple Syrup to garnish


Finally, I made a banner because everything I saw was so cheesy. It was super easy:

1. Print block letters for Sawyer’s name.
2. Trace circles to go behind the letters (make sure circle is big enough for EVERY letter) on thick tan paper and cut them out.
3. Use Mod Podge to paint glue on circle. Stick letter on and paint Mod Podge over whole circle (on top of newspaper). Let dry.
4. Trace triangles onto scrapbook paper that will go behind each circle. Paint Mod Podge on the triangle, stick circle on it and paint Mod Podge over entire triangle. Let dry.
5. Punch holes on either end of the triangles.
6. Weave yarn through holes and hang!


I made sailboat sugar cookies (recipe from Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook) decorated with icing for the favors. I actually made the dough last week and kept it wrapped in saran in the fridge. I baked and decorated them on Friday and put them in their bags on Saturday.

It was such a low key afternoon. The babies got to have their first play date in a long time! It’s amazing how much they’ve grown! It’s awesome to see all the different stages they’re at each time we get together.

And we just HAD to get a picture of the three of us and one with our moms!

It was such a fun shower. I enjoyed every second with great friends and family! Can’t wait to meet Baby Sawyer!

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Bedroom Wall Makeover

Last weekend was the Weekend of Projects. Our walls were in desperate need of a facelift! I’ve been on pinterest, looking for art ideas. It just gets so expensive to buy frames to cover the wall! So, I decided to paint stripes on one wall as an accent. Our walls are Pink Chocolate, which I love. So, I wanted to go with a light pink for the stripes. Valspar has this new line of colors at Lowes. I saw the Apricot Ice, and knew it was the one! So, over the weekend, Stew and I taped the wall. I wanted 6 inch horizontal stripes, starting at the ceiling. I measured 6 inches from the ceiling, made a pencil mark on each end, and taped below the marks. Then, for the stripe under that, I measured 6 inches from the TOP of the tape (where the pencil marks were), made pencil marks, and taped ABOVE the marks. I did this down the whole wall. That way, I knew to paint every other section going down the wall. We used a 4 foot level too. It ended up not being that helpful because our walls weren’t level, go figure! Taping took the most time. Once that was finished, I did two quick coats of paint and slowly took the tape off. It made a HUGE difference!

painter’s tape
drop cloth
paint tray
brush (for edging)
paint roller
Apricot Ice paint


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Dresser Update

Everyone has this dresser! It’s either sitting in your parents’ house, or it’s in your house because they don’t want it anymore!dresser I have a set in my bedroom at my dad’s house. I do love them because they remind me of my childhood, but they definitely don’t match my decor!

This baby has been sitting in our closet for 3 years. We keep it because we need the storage! It never dawned on me to repaint it, because it has that thick shiny surface that nothing sticks to…until now! This primer is a miracle. You don’t even need to sand the piece you’re painting! It truly sticks to any surface! Once I discovered it, I went back to the store and bought their whole supply! This is what I did:
1. Lay drop cloth down on bathroom garage floor.
2. Remove all handles and throw away because they’re terrible
3. Place all drawers face up on the drop cloth.
4. Spray with primer and let dry (It took 1 1/2 cans for this piece)
5. Choose two colors of spray paint. This is what I used (primer on left and cream and gray paint on the right)IMG_1146
6. Spray entire dresser with base color (I used gray) and let dry.
7. Tape the dresser if you want a design. I chose to do stripes on the sides and top.
8. Spray with top color (I used a cream color).
9. Pull off tape.
10. Replace draw handles (make sure to measure!!).
11. Admire you’re amazing work!
It’s missing a few handles. They only had one pack at Target, and I needed two! For an added touch, I found bins at Target that fit PERFECTLY into my top drawer. This helps everything stay in its place and look organized. Note** You don’t need to organize your underwear by color, I’m just a bit obsessive! :o)IMG_1145Supply List:
1. 2 cans Majic All Purpose Enamel Spray Primer-Found at Tractor Supply
2. 2 cans of spray paint (1 of each color you choose)
3. Drawer handles (make sure to measure from hole to hole)
4. Painter’s tape
5. Drop cloth
6. Bins to organize drawer (optional)
7. Face mask (this stuff stinks!)

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Coffee Nook

One of our projects over the weekend was creating a coffee nook in the kitchen. We found this old piece at a consignment furniture store. It looked so beat up, but I had a vision. We used our amazing Majic Spray Paint Primer that sticks to ANYTHING. Then, we used 1 1/2 cans  of Valspar La Fonda Mirage Spray Paint. Once it dried, we took it in and set up all of our goodies! Slide1Here’s a close up of JUST the coffee bar, so you can get a good view.IMG_0801I am so excited to wake up and drink my coffee every morning! It’s amazing how simple and inexpensive changes can make such a huge difference!




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Nesting Much???

Oh my word, I’m usually an organized person, but I’ve taken it to a whole new level lately. I’ve been in full on organize everything in my house/life/computer/office mode! I never really had the nesting instinct when I was pregnant, probably because I’m nesting every day of my life, but I would imagine this is what it feels like! I am determined to go through every single room in my house and have a basket/bin/jar/label for every single thing (hence my Target trip)!

This weekend, Stew and I went on a major organization/remodel spree! We painted the front porch floor, the fireplace, my dresser, a wall in our room, a kitchen hutch, a night table, and installed window trim and chair rail in 2 days! It started when I found this incredible primer spray paint at Tractor Supply that sticks to EVERYTHING (on left).IMG_1146 I’m not joking. It has changed my life forever. It literally takes 5 minutes to prime a piece of furniture! I am so excited to share all of my projects! I took pictures of everything. It’s just a matter of getting them up. Look forward to some home improvement posts in the next few days!

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