A Month of Firsts…

It’s hard to believe that Turner is a month old! I still go over our birth story in my mind. It’s amazing how we just became parents one day and it’s now the new “norm”. I’m loving it!

The first two weeks were rough. Turner was eating every hour! By the time I finished feeding him, he was hungry again in 30 or 40 minutes! I was getting pretty depressed and anxious about it. I didn’t want any visitors or to go anywhere for fear of him having a freak out and me needing to feed him right then and there! At around a week and a half, I called my friend Jill and she saved me! She said, “Emily, you’re not doing things for fear of what might happen” She also said that something happens at 2 weeks where you really just accept this as your new norm and you’re ok with it. Luckily, she was right!

Things started turning around at 3 weeks. After my friend Maribeth dropped off this amazing book on parenting, I was really working on giving Turner a full feeding each time instead of snacking here and there. Basically, he would fall asleep and I would just assume he was full which is why he’d want to eat 30 minutes later. Now we go 3 or 4 hour stretches between feedings! I guess we all are learning as we go.

Now for the fun stuff… A lot has happened in our first month together:

Our first family picturedscf0950 Turner’s first encounter with DexterIMG_0569


Our first Thanksgiving feeling very exhausted


Our first car ride followed by several trips to Starbucks and Whole Foods
IMG_0352 IMG_0350

And decorating our first Christmas treeIMG_0389

1 Week OldIMG_0377

2 Weeks OldIMG_03953 Weeks Old_DSC6502

4 Weeks OldIMG_0441


It’s been such an amazing month together. Stew and I have come to love and rely on each other in a way we never needed to before. I’m so excited to see what the future holds!

Our Natural Birth Story

If you don’t want to know details, don’t read! But I’ll keep it clean… ;o)

Friday night, November 16th, it started! My water broke at 4:30 pm. I was completely taken off guard. Stew and I were sitting on the couch getting ready to take Dexter for a walk. He was just finishing something up on the computer. He says, “I’ll be ready in 5 more minutes”. As I’m sitting there, I got a shooting pain in my stomach (that I thought was gas)! Then, just like in the movies, my water broke! 

The birthing class we took is called “Hypnobabies“. I absolutely recommend this class to anyone doing a natural birth!! To sum it up, it’s meant to keep you completely relaxed in order to have a shorter and more pleasant birthing time (our term for labor). There is a series of scripts loaded onto my ipod that are about 30 minutes long that I’ve been listening to every night for the past 2 months. I can’t tell you what they say because I fall asleep every time! I guess they work! The classes trained us to stay calm and not get too excited. So we did. We lit a fire, ate some dinner, and watched TV until about 9pm. At that point my birthing waves (our term for contractions) started getting stronger and closer together, about 8 minutes apart. They were not bad, but strong enough that I wanted to start listening to my scripts. So we got our bag and snacks ready for the birth center and got ready for bed. I put on my headphones and off to sleep I drifted. I knew laying down would slow down my birthing time, but I figured it was more important to get rest during the night which was a good plan! So I slept through the night until about 3:30 am. I would wake up every 30 to 40 minutes when a strong birthing wave would come but then go back to sleep.

Stew and I got up around 3:30am when my birthing waves were 5 minutes apart. They were really strong by then so he called the birth center. Our midwife said to wait until my birthing waves were 3 minutes apart. So I just kept listening to my ipod breathing through it. I walked a bit to speed up the process. Finally, around 6:00am they were 3 minutes apart. Stew packed the car and we hit the road. I kept my ipod in the whole time and just kept my eyes closed for the 25 minute drive.

We got to the birth center and my waves were REALLY strong by then. I laid on the bed for about 1 1/2 hours. I would have a REALLY strong wave and then fall asleep. Finally, the nurse had me turn over to shake things up. At that point they got even stronger so I knew something was about to happen. It was another hour before she started the tub. About 15 minutes later, Stew and I got in. Stew put on the “pushing baby out” script. I was only in the the tub for about 5 minutes before I started to push baby out! He was out in 25 minutes. I couldn’t believe how fast that happened! It was so surreal and amazing that I was holding our baby that was just inside me for the past 9 months! He was so perfect!!At that point, Stew got out of the tub and had “skin to skin” time with Turner while I got out of the tub. I felt so great afterwards! I couldn’t believe it. It was truly because of the relaxed atmosphere and the natural birthing process. There was not so much as an Advil in my system! I was really able to enjoy our time as a little family! It was the most amazing experience of my life!

Turner Lewis Watson was born November 17th at 10:21 am, weighed 8lbs 2 oz, and was 20 inches long.


Finally, after all these months of doing little projects here and there, we’ve put the nursery together! Turner’s clothes are washed, his bed is made, his pictures are hung, and his library is all set! Now all we need is Turner :0)

Nursery Time…

I can’t believe that I only have 3 1/2 months until Turner arrives! It seems long, but I’m sure time will fly, especially as the holiday season approaches. I realized when I looked back at my pinterest board for nursery ideas, that I was mainly pinning pictures of girly nurseries!! OOPS. So I’ve been doing my research over the past few weeks/months on boy nursery ideas. I know for sure that the bedding I’m getting is the jungle friends theme at Pottery Barn Kids. I’m not, however, into the flying monkey painting on the wall!  My original nursery obsession was the photo below, but obviously I’d switch out the pink color for blues and greens! So I’m planning on doing neutral walls with big white crown moulding and window trim (similar to the photo below). Now, no matter what the room ends up looking like, I KNOW I need organization. I came across some cute organization ideas at Thebump.com. I love this idea of putting a thin storage container under the crib. That’s actually what I use under my bed for my shoes! Another idea I will use is putting small baskets in the drawers of my changing table/dresser. I will have to measure the drawers and get some baskets in different sizes to fit different things-onesies, bibs, socks, hats, etc. I’m so excited to get things organized and in place! I already have the furniture (except for my newco glider from Babies R Us), rug, walls painted, and moulding up. I still need to set everything where I want it and hang wall art. I also want to buy a bookshelf to showcase all of Turner’s books! It’s all so fun and exciting. His nursery will be so cozy! I can’t wait until HE’S actually in it!