Bohemian Princess First Birthday Party (FREE PRINTABLES)

Well, that was fun. The funny thing about celebrating a one-year-old’s birthday, is that it’s unpredictable! I have been waiting for this day my whole life! The prep, decorations, food, and friends were incredible! But, Gracie was a hot mess. I think she cried almost the whole time.  Teething? Exhaustion? Too much commotion? All of the above? Poor thing. We ended up putting her down for a nap before the party was over. But at least some of us enjoyed it!

The theme was Bohemian Princess. I searched and searched on Pinterest for just the right theme that would fit my sweet little angel. I created printables (linked at the bottom of post) that were super cute. I made headbands for all the ladies out of ribbon, hot glue, and flowers. And I ordered a girly pink and gold banner for the gift table (similar HERE). I made a menu that lent itself to “bohemian” food labels. I had so much fun planning it. If only Gracie was as excited as I was!

The beautiful thing about my mother-in-law being an incredible photographer is that she captures every single moment. I was laughing as I scrolled through her photos. It was like re-living the party all over again…every last teardrop!

Here are some shots of my morning food prep…

And here is the finished product!

My mom made the cake. It was beautiful and delicious! It was a big hit! I made Gracie my usual “healthy birthday cupcake” (recipe here). I just can’t stand the thought of a little body ingesting that much sugar…call me crazy! Her reaction was one for the books. I swear it’s delicious! But she was either traumatized that she wasn’t getting the big pink cake or that she had chocolate icing covering her hands. Either way, it was a disaster.

At this point I’m tempted to write “end scene”. Gracie went down for her nap immediately following this meltdown. But the party went on. Turner and his friends ran around like crazy people and the adults mingled. It was quite enjoyable and stressful all at the same time. But that’s pretty much how life has felt since having kids 4 years ago, am I right?! Nevertheless, it was magical celebrating Gracie’s first year of life with people we love! Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


Boho Berry Punch

Painted Horse Popcorn

Small Food Labels (treats for the tribe, wild berries, rising sun sandwiches)


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