Bedroom Wall Makeover

Last weekend was the Weekend of Projects. Our walls were in desperate need of a facelift! I’ve been on pinterest, looking for art ideas. It just gets so expensive to buy frames to cover the wall! So, I decided to paint stripes on one wall as an accent. Our walls are Pink Chocolate, which I love. So, I wanted to go with a light pink for the stripes. Valspar has this new line of colors at Lowes. I saw the Apricot Ice, and knew it was the one! So, over the weekend, Stew and I taped the wall. I wanted 6 inch horizontal stripes, starting at the ceiling. I measured 6 inches from the ceiling, made a pencil mark on each end, and taped below the marks. Then, for the stripe under that, I measured 6 inches from the TOP of the tape (where the pencil marks were), made pencil marks, and taped ABOVE the marks. I did this down the whole wall. That way, I knew to paint every other section going down the wall. We used a 4 foot level too. It ended up not being that helpful because our walls weren’t level, go figure! Taping took the most time. Once that was finished, I did two quick coats of paint and slowly took the tape off. It made a HUGE difference!

painter’s tape
drop cloth
paint tray
brush (for edging)
paint roller
Apricot Ice paint


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