Beach Day

It’s hard to believe that we live 5 minutes from the beach and this weekend was the first time we’ve gone this year! We’ve been so busy with work that we haven’t all been together for a weekend yet! Sunday was the perfect day to go. It was nice and sunny and not too hot yet. So we took advantage!

After sunscreening up, Stew was on Turner duty while I relaxed for a bit.

I swear, pregnancy is the most exhausting thing ever. It feels as though I took some heavy duty sedative. Mix that with heat and nausea and it’s not a pretty picture. I’m so lucky that Stew is understanding of that and lets me take it easy on the weekends!

Turner ran up and down the beach constantly while Stew chased him. I attempted to follow a few times so I didn’t look like a deadbeat mom, but it was borderline impossible. So I held down the fort on our beach blanket! Luckily Turner came by to play with his beach toys and steal a kiss every now and then.

Every year Turner gets more fun. I’m excited for this summer! It should be interesting trying to keep up with him as I grow! I just want to soak up every second as a threesome before Baby Girl arrives!

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