Baby Number Two!

Well, Turner’s going to be a big brother! I feel like I was just writing these posts when I was pregnant with Turner. I’m so excited to be doing it again!

The morning sickness started around week 5. But it wasn’t bad! I was a little nauseous in the mornings and then within an hour or so of being awake, I’d feel great! I was naive enough to believe that it was as bad as I would get.

Week 6 hit me hard. I woke up Sunday morning as if I had come down with a terrible mix of the flu-slash-worst-hangover-of-my-life, with a touch of the room spins. Ugh. I didn’t get out of bed ALL day and clutched my garbage can close to my face. Thank God Stew was home to take care of Turner! My mom had to come over the next three days to take care of Turner starting at 7am until about nap-time, which is when I could finally stand up. After three days of suffering, I called the birth center, because surely they had made a new discovery to treat morning sickness in the past 3 years!? My nurse put two bottles of Diclegis at the front desk for my step-dad to pick up and send home from work with Stew. That helped tremendously! It took the nausea edge off, but left me completely exhausted and still incapable of getting out of bed until about 7:30. But somehow I got through several more weeks of sickness.

Some days were worse than others. I feel like I slept the past six weeks away. Basically, our days looked like this: Turner woke up around 6, Stew brought him downstairs with him while he got ready for work. Then he brought him back upstairs with an arsenal of cheerios to keep Turner occupied. Turner played in our room or his room. But for the most part, he stood next to my face pretending to talk (and by talk I mean scream) in the phone “HEWOO?? NOO?? YEA!! YEA!!” This went on until about 7:30 or 8 when we would transition downstairs. I’d struggle to make Turner breakfast. Then he’d play while I laid on the couch until it was time to bring him upstairs for a nap. I slept while he slept. Usually, after he woke up, I would be well enough that I could sit up while he played and somewhat interact with him. Guilty doesn’t begin to describe the way I felt. But he was so well behaved that I just couldn’t help but thank my lucky stars.

I actually stopped taking Diclegis last week, thinking I was over the worst. A day went by and I actually started throwing up!! I was not that bad with Turner (Girl??). So I’m back on the medicine and I’ll suffer through the exhaustion. It’s better than puking my brains out. I keep telling myself it’s temporary and so worth it!

How far along? 10.5 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss:
2 pounds gained.
Maternity clothes?
Nope! Enjoying my regular clothes while it lasts. Although, lululemon is usually my go-to regardless of pregnancy!
I’ve been exhausted. My medicine makes me feel like I’m constantly hopped up on Benadryl or something. I sleep well at night, except for my several trips to the bathroom.
Best moment this week:
We put Turner to bed and he yells towards the monitor “Diss Baby!” So I went upstairs so he could kiss my belly. It was so sweet!
Miss Anything?
Having an appetite. Not being nauseous. Being able to work out without almost passing out or throwing up. Not being on medicine. The taste for coffee. Most of those will be better in another week or so. But it’s been a long 6 weeks! 
Not yet. We saw him/her moving around in the ultrasound and the little heart racing away!
Food cravings:
Nothing. It’s more like survival. What can I eat to get through my day? Cereal, toast, smoothies. I’m starting to have more of a taste for healthy things but I’m definitely not craving anything yet.
Anything making you queasy or sick:
Everything. Just waiting for this phase to be over!
Have you started to show yet:
Not quite!
Gender: ?
Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out?
Wedding rings on or off?
Happy or Moody most of the time:
So happy! I’ll be even happier when I’m past the morning sickness part!
Looking forward to:
Feeling good and having an appetite!

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