Asheville Vacation

We just got back from our first family vacation in Asheville on Thursday! Describing it as amazing would be an understatement! There was a lot of snuggling, porch sitting, and coffee drinking. I’m not a big traveler. I like the comfort of my own home and I like my routine. But this was the first vacation I didn’t want to end!

The first day we got to our cabin (blog post HERE) was great. We spent the afternoon relaxing, getting some groceries, and soaking up the incredible view of the mountains in our backyard! We grilled up dinner in our outdoor kitchen (dream come true) and stayed up late to watch the stars.

Day two and three were spent out on the town exploring! We spent Tuesday in Asheville all day. We shopped, ate lunch, and went to our favorite coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up. Stew carried Gracie in the Bjorn while I pushed Turner in the stroller once he was too tired to walk. The kids did surprisingly well considering nap times were non-existent and it was hot as heck during the day!

Wednesday was our day to hit the apple orchard! What a cool spot! There was a play area that Turner adored. We got some energy out there before heading down the hill to pick apples.

The good news…it was completely dead and the apples had just ripened to perfection! The bad news… it was about 85 degrees in the sun. While the apples were delicious, it was a sweaty adventure to say the least! But, nothing apple cider donuts couldn’t fix!

After the orchard, we drove into Hendersonville for lunch and more shopping. There was a children’s museum that we wanted to hit while we were there. The kids loved it! It was similar to one we have here in Charleston. It was the perfect place to stretch our legs.

It’s funny how vacations before kids meant doing everything we wanted to do. We had no naps to worry about, no bedtimes to plan for, and no potty breaks to schedule. We would eat wherever we wanted and go wherever we wanted. This vacation was a different experience, but it was the most exciting yet! The kids loved it and we really soaked up our uninterrupted family time. And now it’s back to reality! Until next time, Asheville!


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