Another Great Emily-Bowl

My friend asked why I couldn’t come to her Superbowl party and I said, “because it’s Emily-bowl”. She needed an explanation. So, for those of you who would also like one, here is last year’s Emily-bowl!

This year was the most exciting celebration yet! The Superbowl didn’t actually start until past our bedtime 7, so it was a full-on birthday party! The food was amazing, but the family was even better! We went to Nanny and Pops’s house for the celebration. They always throw a mean party. Nanny worked so hard to make a delicious meal. And my mom always thinks of the sweetest details to make me feel special…

Turner had an absolute blast and was making everyone laugh, as usual (sorry for the blurry pic, but this was too cute not to share)!

My mom made a delicious cake for me too. I’m a lucky girl! Nothing like great family and delicious food to make a girl feel special!

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