A Day at The Farm

Over the weekend, we took our dog, Ellie, and the kids to a friend’s farm (after failing miserable at our previous attempt for a family adventure). It was one of the most fun days we had in a while! They live about 45 minutes away, so we planned accordingly! We left early enough that Gracie would take her morning nap on the way to the farm. Turner was in heaven when we arrived! They had horses, a donkey, goats and cows! We had to feed and touch them all.

Our dog, Ellie, ran around like crazy with their little dog. It was so awesome to see her have that freedom! She’s such a huge dog, that she rarely gets to stretch her legs like that! She was tuckered out after about 20 minutes…

After a few hours of playing, we packed up to hit the road. But, before we left, we stopped at a local ice cream shop. You know, the kind that has old fashioned ice cream sodas in a pharmacy? That was the best part of the day!

Everyone was happy and exhausted after a sweaty, slobber-filled morning! I’d say we finally got our adventure! And, as you can imagine, the drive home was a quiet one!


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