5 Month Must Haves

Chicco High ChairWe originally registered for the high chair you can just put on a regular chair, but a friend of mine gave me this high chair. I love it! It has a final outer layer so food comes off easily. It folds up easily and has a place to attach the food tray for easy storage and travel. It’s an investment but definitely worth it!

Baby Bullet I always planned on making my own baby food but never really thought through the process. My mom and grandmother got me this for my birthday, and it is incredible! It’s small so I can store it in my cabinet. I pick one veg a week, steam it, blend it, pour it in the little happy cups, and BOOM, a week’s worth of food DONE! When I’m feeling lazy, I just blend an avocado with some breast milk and that’s a wrap. I feel so good about using this, because I know exactly what Turner’s eating, and I can choose the best ingredients for him! Now that my CSA farm share comes each week, I usually just pick a nice organic veg from there for him (last week was asparagus).

Soother Ring Teether Turner’s teeth are gonna come in an day or week or month now! He drools so much that he soaks through two bibs a day! He is constantly chewing on his fingers and hands. I pop this baby in the fridge and hold it in his mouth for him to chew. At first, he wasn’t crazy about it, but he’s starting to like it more! It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe which is nice!

California Baby SPF 30+ Fragrance Free Sunscreen It’s that time of year! Turner has such sweet baby skin that I want to protect it every chance I get! This is a bit more expensive, but I think it’s worth it. It has no toxins and doesn’t burn in the eyes. So far, he’s done well with it!

Genji Pop Up Tent Stew, Turner, and I went to the beach a few weekends ago. We were prepared, so I thought. I brought the beach caddy, a blanket, towels, chairs, our new tent, a diaper, and an almost empty pack of wipes. Well, Turner had a poopsplotion on the way, which didn’t worry me too much since his poops have been a bit more solid lately. So, we find a primo spot, load up the caddy, and walk onto the beach. I lay Turner down to change his diaper, and two wipes were NOT gonna cut it. Poop everywhere…on Turner, his blanet, my hands, my leg! I cleaned him up enough and put on his new diaper. Next, on to tent assembly. I got this great SPF tent from Bed Bath & Beyond. It looked simple enough…WRONG! Stew’s trying to set it up while I’m reading the directions. It’s one of those tents you have to thread the long sticks through the holes, like an actual tent. Definitely not something I could do alone! Needless to say, after our beach debacle trip, I returned that baby to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought this Genji pop up tent. AMAZING! I practiced popping it up and breaking it down a few times in the house. I feel confident that Turner and I can handle this when we venture back to the beach!

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