Mom’s Selling Her House

I have to say, I am pretty lucky to have my mom so close to me! Not only do I get to see her all the time, but our kids get to see her! They love their Gigi. But even more, they love going to Gigi’s house for a sleepover! My mom and stepdad have decided to sell their gorgeous house in Summerville, SC that they built back in 2006. They are going to stay in the same town but build a smaller version. I know their new home will be just as beautiful!

We have SO MANY memories in their house in the short time they’ve lived there. I remember being in college and going there to see all the different phases of building. Stew and I started dating when they built it in ’06. We then got married and had our reception there!

We had our baby shower for Turner there and our maternity shoot when I was pregnant with Gracie!

And, of course, countless Sunday night suppers and holidays! I’m excited for whoever gets this house! It is so beautifully designed. It has the perfect balance of farmhouse meets shabby chic. Every inch of it was thoroughly thought out! Here’s to closing one door and opening another!

Gracie’s Second Birthday

And just like that, my baby is two! I always hear people say “time flies” but this was warp speed because I truly don’t remember the past two years! I feel like she was born yesterday! What a wild ride it’s been! She is such a real person now. She’s hilarious, sassy, super confident, sweet and so smart!

She loves her “Bubba” and he loves her. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. They’re such besties and I hope they always stay that way!

Today we had her party, and what else do all two years love, but unicorns? Ok, maybe I selfishly picked the theme because she really isn’t “into” anything in particular, and the pictures on Pinterest were so dang cute!

Because life is super busy, and we recently had Hurricane Irma pass through, I decided on this party about 4 days ago. I wanted to see what the weather would be and drum up the energy to host a bunch of toddlers! I’m usually on top of these things with paper invitations and all. But in true “second child” fashion, I sent out a group text to a few of my closest friends to set up a little celebration! I kept the menu super simple: PB&J sandwiches, hot dogs, fruit salad, popcorn, and of course the unicorn cupcakes! It was perfect and so much fun (despite the 95 degree weather).

I found the cutest unicorn party products at a local store, got a girl in the neighborhood to do some face-painting, and ordered a pony…yes you heard me…. A PONY! I got the idea from my friend’s daughter’s birthday party (thanks Kirsten). But apparently they come in pairs, so not only did we have ONE pony, but we had TWO PONIES! It was so awesome! Every little girl’s dream!

What a fun day! It was so fun that Stew and I cleaned up, put the kids down for a nap, and passed out for two hours! We laughed at how old we’re getting that we can’t even host a party without feeling totally wiped out. But it was worth it. Celebrating this girl was the best! I can’t wait to see what she does in life. She is one of my favorites :o) Gracie Girl, you are loved by so many people! Thank you for being the (second) best thing that ever happened to us! We are the luckiest parents ever!