What a Week!

We just had the BEST week ever! Stew, my husband, had his 12th chemo treatment on February 27th. Here’s a little background on our journey the past 7 months! He had his follow up PET scan this past Tuesday, March 25th. Then, on the 27th, we went to see Dr. Saylors to find out the test results.

I was perfectly fine up until that morning; I slept like a baby. But, right before our visit, I was SO anxious! I was visibly shaking, and my heart was racing. Stew was as cool as a cucumber! Apparently, I had enough nerves for the two of us.

We sat in the room and Joanna, our PA, walked in. She had a big smile on her face and started asking about Turner and our plans for the weekend. I told her she was killing me! Then, she said the words we’ve been waiting to hear… STEW’S CANCER FREE!!! I burst out into tears (I should have learned not to wear makeup to their office by now) and hugged her. Then she walked out to get Dr. Saylors, and I ran over to give Stew a giant hug! We were SOOOO excited!

That afternoon, Stew’s parents got into town from NJ. It was just coincidence that they planned their visit the same weekend we would find out his test results! It was truly a weekend of celebrating! Well, we would have celebrated more if Stew wasn’t fighting a cold and Turner was getting 4 molars at once. But, we still made the best of it, snot and all!

Yesterday, we had a BIG party. We had about 40 people over to the house for a “We Kicked Cancer’s Ass” BBQ. It was so much fun. Everyone was happy and so excited for us! I couldn’t believe everyone who showed up to support us. It was truly humbling! I didn’t take a single picture, because I was too busy talking to everyone. BUT, my mother-in-law did. So hopefully I’ll get to steal some from her to share! But, for now, I’m sending you off with smiles from my little munchkin. Happy Monday!

Children’s Museum Play Date

We are so lucky to have a place like The Children’s Museum in Charleston! Turner loves it NOW and he’s not even old enough to realize all of the cool stuff there is! We had a play date there yesterday and had so much fun exploring!

Each room is set up differently. There’s an art room, a room with a GIANT pirate ship that kids can run around in, and there’s a “water wise” room that teaches all about water. All he does is splash around, but someday he’ll understand the water cycle!

One of his favorites is the market. He LOVES to push around the shopping carts. He especially likes to throw the plastic fruit on the floor (he thinks they’re balls).

photo taken by Melissa Levesque

Once the big kids came in, we escaped to the toddler area. It’s padded and closed off, so not much can go wrong there! Turner loves to climb the stairs and go down the slide! Much safer than our giant wooden stairs at home!

We always look forward to our play dates! I love to get Turner out and mingling with other kiddos his age. And, I especially like to get together with other mommas! We hope you have a great weekend!

Mini and Me Smoothie

The warm weather has gotten me in smoothie mode! And, since I don’t puree baby food for Turner anymore, I find that tucking secret ingredients into our smoothies is the perfect way to get his veggies in! I just make a big batch so I can have a full smoothie and he can have a mini one! This is our absolute favorite, as you can tell by Turner’s expression!


[yumprint-recipe id=’6′]

Staycation on Dewees Island

One of the beautiful things about managing a rental business on Dewees Island, is that I get to spend time there! This past weekend, we went to spend a night in one of my favorite houses, Charlotte’s Pearl.

Dewees is one of those places that feels SO far away from everything but is actually so close to the modern conveniences we love! I am still surprised every time I ride the ferry to and from the island and realize how close it is to town! We were so tucked away on Friday night on our little private island, but within a 20 minute ferry ride the next day, we were hopping in our car and heading to Target! It’s quite an experience!

This was our first vacation as a family! I was a little nervous about Turner sleeping in a strange room with a strange crib, but he did great! I was also nervous about Ellie barking and waking us up in the middle of the night, but she was awesome too! My coping mechanism for things out of my comfort zone is to make lists….lot’s of them! I had about 5 to-do/packing lists that helped me stay super organized!

There are no stores or restaurants on Dewees, so I took a little help from a delivery service! Traveling with as little as possible is definitely the best way to do this trip! I used Baby’s Away for Turner’s baby gear (crib, stroller, booster seat). They were AMAZING! They met us at the ferry and unloaded everything right at the dock!

We also used their grocery service, called Groceries Ahead, so we didn’t have to worry about grocery shopping on the way! They had our groceries at the dock too! All we had to do was load up the ferry and hop on the boat!

Once we arrived, we instantly relaxed. My intern, Jesse, helped us load our luggage onto the golf carts and came with us to the house to help us get settled in!

We put Ellie on the gorgeous wrap around screened porch with her bed and toys, and she was as happy as a clam!

Friday afternoon, after Turner’s nap, we popped him in the stroller, Ellie in tow, and walked across the street to the beach!

Then we came back to the house to get supper ready! I had some chicken marinating in the fridge all day with olive oil and some spices. Stew popped that on the grill while I put together a salad and roasted up some sweet potato fries with a little oil, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Dinner was a big hit! Our food somehow tasted much better out there!

The next morning, we woke up around 7. We brought Turner into our bed for our usual coffee, bottle, and snuggle time! It was just starting to get light outside when it dawned on us… LET’S GO SEE THE SUNRISE! We grabbed Ellie, jumped in the golf cart, and hopped across the street to the beach. We JUST made it!!!

Then it was back to the house to make some breakfast!

After breakfast, we headed out to take in the views, see some nature, and play!

What an adventure we had! We made so many memories and had some great quality family time, unplugged from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Turner and Ellie were as good as could be! Now that we know they’re up for vacations, we might just be taking weekend getaways out there more often!!

Weekend Projects

There’s something about daylight-saving time that makes me want to pop on my boots and get out in the garden! Judging by the lines at Lowe’s, I wasn’t alone! This winter has been COLD. I’ve been looking at our dead grass and plants for the past few months, waiting for the weather to warm up, so I could add some GREEN back into my life!!

We started several projects this past weekend! I cleaned out the front garden beds and pruned my rosebushes to get them ready for mulch! We raked the backyard and put grass seed down in our dirt patches in hopes that we will have a bright green blanket of grass (fingers crossed). I planted lots of veggies in my raised vegetable gardens that Stew built last summer– bibb lettuce, arugula, spinach, squash, red peppers, tomatoes, and tons of herbs!

We picked up our hanging ferns for the porch and planted my window boxes.

We planted some plants around the trees in the center of the yard (I have big visions for this area). It’s definitely a work in progress! This is the before picture:

And here is the BEGINNING of my project. I’m only showing you this because I trust that you have my vision too….think “cozy shade garden” with fluffy green foliage and mason jar lights hanging from the trees…

And I put together some containers for the front porch and back deck! The first one has a fern and hydrangeas. It will be beautiful once it fills out (another one I’m trusting you to have my vision)!

Turner was a HUGE help! He mowed the ENTIRE lawn (don’t mind the outfit…I changed his diaper and was too lazy to go into the attic and bust out the summer gear. We made due with the diaper and sweet kicks).

What a productive weekend! All we have left to do is mulch! I will update you with more pictures once things start to fill out! But, for now, happy almost SPRING!

My Little Chatterbox

Turner has become QUITE the chatterbox. He talks all day long, whether or not anyone is listening. The second he opens his eyes in his crib it starts “WHAT’S THAT? WHAT’S THAT?” “GEEEE” “UH OHHHHH” (as he throws every stuffed animal overboard.

He’s forming a funny little personality too. Last night, as I was giving him a black bean quesadilla, he looked me right in the eyes and shoved a piece down into his seat. Did he really think I wouldn’t see!? My reaction made him think it was hilarious, and so he did it even more! Somehow my “no” meant “do it again, that was awesome”. How are kids pre-wired to become mischievous!?

Back to the main issue. Since, he’s so talkative, he’s not too focused on walking! My pediatrician said that’s completely normal. They usually master one skill and then the other. He also said that Turner is completely capable of walking, he just hasn’t felt the need to and lacks the confidence! So, this past week, I made walking my focus.

I started to notice that I’ve been carrying him from point A to point B and not giving him a chance to test out his walking skills. He loves walking around with his lawnmower . He seems to be using that as a crutch though! So I started saying “up” and standing him up to walk places. We went to the gym yesterday, and he held my hand and walked from the entrance all the way back to the nursery! Turns out he CAN do it!  So, instead of carrying him (or letting him crawl) from the tub to his room, he walks. Instead of letting him crawl from our room to his, for a diaper change, he walks! Seems like common sense, I know!




Now that he has a bit more confidence, he pushes anything he can get his hands on around the house (chairs, tables, stools, etc). His current favorite is his dump truck. He stands up and literally sprints in circles (hence the blurry photo) around the house (who cares if his pants are falling down).

It’s so easy to compare and judge when your child “should” be doing something that he isn’t! I should practice what I preached as a teacher–All children learn in their own way and at their own pace! Our kids are exactly where they should be. They bring something so special to our lives, don’t they?

I look forward to every new experience with Turner! It is truly amazing to watch him learn and grow by the day! I couldn’t be prouder of the little boy he is becoming!


Toddlers are amazing. We went from an amazing beach trip one day, to a snot-filled-102-degree-fever the next! Turner has had his share of colds, but they always just seem to go away with my home remedies! The beautiful thing about Turner is that he is SUCH a happy kid. He eats like a champ and sleeps like a rock. So, when he gets sick, I don’t worry too much, because he’s still a happy camper!

That being said, Turner has had this cough, on and off, for about a month. He’s been on the nebulizer but no medicine so far. Our pediatrician kept saying it would work itself out (one of the reasons I really like him)! He got a fever last Thursday and it spiked at 101.8 by Friday. I buckled and gave him some tylenol. That helped!

Then the snots came. Snot like he’s never had before. I had to break out the chisel to get through it! Poor little guy. I just kept flushing his nose with salt water and doing the Snotsucker. Yesterday he was MUCH better! His fever was almost gone, the cough was sounding okay, but he was still super snotty. He was well enough that we were able to play at the park for a bit to enjoy the warm sunshine!

He did a little walking, swinging, and wood-chip tossing (his personal favorite).

We had a great weekend, even though Turner was under the weather. It was full of snuggles, spinach packed smoothies (little did Turner know) and Disney movies!

I told myself if he was still snotty this morning, I’d take him to the ped. And, low and behold, he was caked when he woke up! So, we headed to the doc. Turned out he had an ear infection!!! Poor little baby! If only he could have told me! We started him on his first antibiotic (tear) and called it a day. Hopefully this will kick that nasty bug right in the butt! Sleep tight, friends!