Gracie at 7 Months

I was planning on doing a 6 month post after Gracie’s doctor visit, but here we are a month later and I’m just getting around to it! I love looking back on Turner’s milestones as a baby and I know I’ll love to have Gracie’s too! Better late than never, right?

Age: 7 months
Weight: 14 lbs at her 6 month visit (10th percentile)
Height: I can’t remember! Second child problems. I do remember it was 40th percentile though! 
Teeth: Two bottom teeth
Favorite Food: Sweet potato, apple, and avocado puree.
Movement: She gets up on all fours and starts rocking. She’s getting close!
Favorite Activities: She loves sitting in her pack n’ play with her toys. She also loves watching Ellie (the dog). She adores playing with Turner.
Favorite Toy: She likes things that make noise and that she can chew! She especially loves toys that Turner shares with her…cars, trucks, backhoes, etc. She doesn’t discriminate.
Sleep Schedule: Sleeps from 7:00pm to 6am (with a dream feed bottle at 10).
Favorite Music: Mommy and Turner singing

Balancing Act

The peak season of our rental business is about to hit, so we are going to get very busy all at once! Since I work from home, it’s not a regular 9 to 5 job. It’s not like I can come home at the end of the day and leave work behind. Instead, I fall into the bad habit of checking my email, answering the phone, and texting at all hours of the day. I’m such a multi-tasker that I find that I’m not fully present wherever I am. I used to be way worse, but I’ve started to set some healthy boundaries! I have set hours that I work in my office, answer calls, return calls, etc. That way I’m there while I’m working and there while I’m with my gang (at least in theory)!

This past week, we had some really fun quality time with the kids! The weather was beautiful so I tried to get some much needed outdoor time! Turner loves to eat on the porch, so we try to have lunch and snacks outside as much as possible! We even busted out the watermelon for the first time this year using our nifty Mesh Food Feeder! It’s officially summer over here :o)

We even hit the beach a few times during the week! The first afternoon, I was feeling adventurous and attempted to pack up our supper and have a picnic. Nightmare. In my mind it turned out very differently! You know that time after nap and before bedtime? Everyone starts melting down right around the same time. Add some wind and sand to the mix and you have yourself a regular ol’ circus. The rest of our beach trips were way better. We went prepared with plenty of toys and towels.

These days are such a balancing act. I feel like I’m balancing work, moving, being a wife, being a mom, and making sure I have special time with Turner and Gracie separately! No one ever said parenting was easy, but it sure is rewarding! I hope you have a great week!

Hell Week

What a week! As I mentioned earlier, Gracie got her first tooth a few days ago. It seemed to come out of nowhere! Just when I thought we were in the clear, along came tooth number two. So, apparently she IS bothered by new teeth. Thankfully she’s not waking up in the middle of the night (as I write this I’m afraid that I’ll completely jinx myself), but her naps are about 5 seconds long, and falling asleep at night is like having a newborn all over again! I even found myself walking her in the stroller to get her to fall asleep for a quick nap this afternoon! I mean, look at those tired eyes! Just give in, girlfriend.

Babies are such a roller coaster ride. Right when you think you’re livin’ the dream, a tooth, a growth spurt, or something else Dr. Google came up with, rears its ugly head and interrupts your routine!

To add more excitement to the mix, we’re selling our house, and the buyers scheduled their appraisal, inspection and CL-100 during this past week of hell. I knew we had to be gone during the inspection, so I planned accordingly. The house was beautiful, lavender essential oil filled the air, and we left the house to give the buyers some space.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo that the buyers would also be attending the CL-100 on Friday morning (because who comes to the termite inspection!?). I didn’t even think anyone would be in the house! So there we were, beds unmade, dirty diapers on the floor, me in my pajamas and slippers, and Gracie whaling in her crib as she attempted to get out of yet another nap, when a caravan of people rolled up. Turner and I scrambled to clean up the toys. I ran upstairs to make the beds, pick up Turner’s underwear on the floor, throw away the diapers, and grab Gracie. Off we went, in the rain, to walk around Trader Joe’s (still in my slippers…shit).

Today was a much needed day of rest. We spent the day together as a family, walking around the Farmer’s Market, chowing down on some lunch, and playing at the park.

Right when I think I’m at my edge, God sends me a little reminder that I’m so blessed and that I can handle anything that comes my way! That reminder comes in the form of two sweet smiles that make it all worthwhile!


Gracie Has A Tooth!

It’s been crazy over here, as you can imagine! We’re getting ready to move in the next few weeks AND gearing up for the busy season with our rental business. So when Gracie seemed to be a little fussy lately, I didn’t really think it was anything major. She just seemed to want to be held more and her naps were a little shorter than usual. I checked her gums a few times but didn’t see anything! So I assumed it was a growth spurt, or maybe from transitioning to no swaddle at night (more on that another day).

The past two nights she woke up around 4am crying. That was really unusual because she’s been sleeping through the night since she was about 5 weeks old. I had to nurse her to get her back to sleep. Luckily she fell right back to sleep until about 7am. Once you’re used to sleeping, it’s SO hard to be woken up by a cry in the middle of the night! But I know it’s temporary!

Yesterday, I was holding her up in the air and her mouth was wide open, laughing, and I noticed her bottom tooth had come through!! I was shocked. I mean, I thought she’d be WAY more irritable. I was so excited for this big milestone. My babies are growing up so fast! I can’t even believe it!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the past few weeks of being non-stop, it’s to take time to be present with my family! My to-do list will always be there, but my baby’s first tooth only happens once!


Our House Before and After Photos!

Prepare to have your mind BLOWN! Looking back at these photos made me exhausted just thinking about the work we’ve put into this house over the past five years! As I mentioned in my previous post, we’re selling our house! We bought this house as a foreclosure in 2011. It was completely abandoned and in the worst condition I’d ever seen! But, we were young, kid-less, and really naive. After all, it was our first house! So we couldn’t wait to tackle this monstrosity of a project together! So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some before and after photos of our beloved home!


Of course, it is stunning now! There isn’t a surface that went untouched! We made a really nice home for someone. But we’re ready to move on to our next (not so exhausting) home!

Easter….A Little Late

So, as many of you know, WE’RE SELLING OUR HOUSE! We’ve been casually looking on and off for about a year. We’ve kept it under the radar because it would really take something special for us to leave this house! But, about 2 weeks ago, we found the house of our DREAMS! The only problem was, our house wasn’t even on the market yet! That meant we had to work non-stop to get our house ready to list and sell! We pretty much worked from sun up to sun down painting, cleaning, and finishing projects to get ready (before and after photos coming soon)….hence my lack of blogging! But we managed to sneak away to Mom’s to celebrate Easter! I mean, it was Gracie’s first Easter so we had to get dolled up right?!

It was a nice day of rest! We needed it physically and spiritually! We started the morning at church and then came home for some lunch and naps. Once the kids woke up we headed to Gigi and Paw Paw’s house to share a special meal with our family! Turner was especially excited to open his Easter basket!

And Gracie was just excited to be there with people holding her and kissing her constantly!

So, here I am blogging about a holiday that happened two weeks ago. But better late than never, right? Can’t wait to update you on the house. Stay tuned!

Yet Another Overnight Oats Recipe

I LOVE overnight oats. They’re healthy. They’re easy. They’re delicious! The whole mini mason jar is a cute idea, but to me that adds to the clean up. So, I made a bulk recipe that will feed Turner, myself and Stew in a glass Tupperware container. Mix it, put a lid on it, and BOOM! Breakfast is served.

Serve it up in the morning with your favorite toppings, and you’re set!


Overnight Oats
A quick and delicious breakfast that's ready when you are!
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  1. 2 C. unsweetened almond milk
  2. 1/4 C. plain greek yogurt
  3. 1 Tbsp maple syrup
  4. 2 tsp cinnamon
  5. 4 cup glass storage container with lid
  6. 1 Tbsp chia seeds
  7. 2 C. quick cooking oats
  1. Whisk together all ingredients, except the oats, in a 4 cup glass container with lid. Place in the fridge overnight and breakfast will be ready when you are!
Little Baby Watson

The Sweetest Little Bows I Ever Did See!

I’m still getting the hang of this whole “girl” thing. Turner is such a boy. He finds the dirtiest spot in the yard and parks it, excavator in hand. He loves nothing more than to be outside, in the sun, sweating, and running around like a crazy person! 

I’m sure Gracie will be the same when she’s a toddler, but at the moment she is the quietest, sweetest little thing ever! The warm weather has really excited me about dressing her. I have the most amazing dresses and rompers for her! Every day is like a new adventure. I’ve started to really get into headbands and bows for her too! I had to play around with what works. I don’t like anything that will pull her hair, and some headbands are too rigid for her little head.

Enter, My Little Bug Boutique! This is my friend’s Etsy shop. She has the cutest bows and headbands! I find that they are the perfect balance of girly but not too girly, if you know what I mean! She has bows in different sizes, which is great because Gracie has a tiny head. The bow clips don’t slip and the headbands are made with nylon elastic bands that grow with Baby! Here are a few of my favorites!

White Floral Bunny Bow/White and Gold/Bitsy Bow (coming to the shop soon)

She has a bunch more to choose from in her shop. If you’re interested in some of these festive cuties, shop HERE. Be sure to use offer code GRACIE when you check out for free shipping until the end of the month! Perfect little Easter gifts too! Follow her on Instagram HERE. Happy Monday, friends!

Starting Solids for Baby

It finally feels like spring here! It’s been sunny and in the 70s everyday. We can finally spend some time outside enjoying the fresh air after being trapped indoors with every cold known to man the past few weeks!

It’s hard to believe that Gracie is almost 6 months! I’m finding that my parenting is a bit different between Turner and Gracie. I feel like I was keeping close track of every milestone with him. Gracie seems to just do her thing and go with the flow. Suddenly I’ll realize something new that she’s doing, like rolling over, or sitting up. But I’m not waiting for it as much as I was with Turner.

Starting solids was a HUGE event for Turner (HERE is more on Turner’s solid food experience). I felt like it needed to be some big culinary event. For Gracie, it’s more like, wow she’s almost 6 months! Time to start solids I guess? Although in my mind it means more prep, more laundry, messier diapers, etc. So I’m not in as big of a rush I guess? Plus she’s not as hungry as Turner was, so I feel less pressure to start solids.

Since Gracie is a lot smaller than Turner was, I decided to start her on rice cereal. I skipped that step with Turner because he didn’t really need it. I bought a box at Whole Foods and tried it with her last week. She was NOT having it. I didn’t feel like she was missing much, so I moved on to real food instead.

I wanted to start with veggies since it’s harder to go back once they get the sweet taste of fruit! So I tried avocado (blended with water to make a thin puree) NOPE! Next I thought I’d do butternut squash (steamed and blended with water to make a thin puree) since it’s a bit sweeter but has a lot of nutritional value. I’ll let you see how that turned out for yourself…

So it looks like I just need to keep trying! I’ll do the butternut squash for a week and then move on to another food. It’s amazing how different siblings can be! But, one thing’s for sure, they are obsessed with each other! Happy spring!

A Little Perspective

We have had quite a week in the Watson house. As many of you know, Stewart had cancer just over 2 years ago (more on that time in our lives HERE). He had a routine blood test last Thursday which showed extremely elevated levels of LDH (which basically shows evidence of tissue damage according to google). It caused enough concern for our doctor to send him for a CT scan to see if the cancer had returned. Of course we couldn’t get an appointment until Monday (yesterday). So it was a long agonizing weekend. We shed some tears, stayed extremely busy, prayed like nobody’s business, and waited.

In the meantime, Turner was having terrible ear pain which started around the same time last week. We took him to the doctor 3 days in a row. They kept saying he was fine and to just give him Tylenol or Motrin. After several nights of endless crying, we took him in for a third opinion this past Sunday. That’s when the doctor said his eardrum was ruptured. He’s now on ear drops, another antibiotic to prevent infection, and Tylenol/Motrin around the clock. Poor guy! He’s finally seeing some relief.

If that’s not enough excitement, Gracie started waking up in the middle of the night right around the same time! So we’ve been exhausted, emotionally and physically. We just kept saying how we needed a break!

Yesterday, at 4:30, we got our break. We received the call from Stewart’s doctor. He is still free of cancer!!! HOORAAAAAYYYY. We jumped up and down in the front yard while Turner looked at us like crazy people!

Now, I write this not to bring you down on this beautiful Tuesday morning, but to give us all a little perspective! Yes, the babies may be waking up every hour screaming for us. Yes, we may be exhausted. Yes it may hit us that we can’t remember the last time we showered (not me of course). But thank God for these babies that make us smile. And thank God that we have this moment in time where we can influence and create little humans that will grow up and inspire others! And thank God that we have people in our lives who love us deeply and that we love just the same! The sky is a little bluer today through my overly caffeinated sleepy eyes!